Mosby's Pocket Guide to Nutritional Assessment and Care
Mosby's Pocket Guide to Nutritional Assessment and Care,
Edition 6
By Mary Courtney Moore, PhD, RN, RD, CNSN

Publication Date: 19 Nov 2008

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Perform thorough nutrition assessments and interventions with the help of this concise yet comprehensive resource. Whether you’re a clinical practitioner or a student, you’ll benefit from a focus on the health effects of overweight and obesity and an overview of cultural impacts on nutrition. The new edition incorporates the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2005 and the MyPyramid plan for diet and lifestyle planning. The Nutrition Care Process concept gives you even more tools to provide better nutrition assessment and care. From drug-nutrient interactions to the latest American Heart Association recommendations, you’ll always have the most current and relevant nutrition information within reach.

Key Features

  • Incorporates nutrition assessment into almost every chapter, emphasizing performance of a complete nutrition assessment as a basis for planning nutrition interventions and teaching.
  • Covers both enteral and parenteral nutrition support.
  • Highlights the importance of weight control and physical activity for the prevention and care of diabetes and other health problems.
  • Cultural and ethnic nutrition information helps you understand food preferences of diverse populations to aid in planning interventions that will better suit clients’ needs.
  • Appendixes available on Evolve provide valuable resources for nutrition intervention, referral, and teaching.
  • The glossary gives you clear definitions of words in an easily accessible reference.

New Features

  • MyPyramid and MyPyramid for Kids simplify diet and lifestyle planning for all age groups.
  • NEW assessment tool MEDFICTS (Meat, Eggs, Dairy, Fried foods, In baked goods, Convenience foods, Table fats, Snacks) helps evaluate an individual’s diet.
  • MORE information on limiting sodium intake to fight hypertension and ischemic heart disease.
  • EXPANDED content on the liver, particularly related to hepatitis.
  • NEW table lists medications that can impair control of glucose and lipid levels.
  • NEW information on medications to address the nutritional implications of cancer, HIV infection, and diabetes.
About the author
By Mary Courtney Moore, PhD, RN, RD, CNSN, Research Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University, School of Medicine, Nashville, TN
Table of Contents
UNIT I. Nutrition for Health Promotion

1. Nutrition and Health: Overview

2. Nutrition Assessment

3. Pregnancy and Lactation

4. Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence

5. Adulthood and Aging

6. Athletic Performance

7. Obesity and Weight Control

UNIT II. Nutrition Support

8. Enteral Nutrition

9. Parenteral Nutrition

UNIT III. Medical Nutrition Therapy

10. Metabolic Stress: Critical Illness, Trauma, and Surgery

11. Gastrointestinal, Pancreatic, and Liver Dysfunction

12. Cancer

13. HIV Infection

14. Cardiovascular Disease

15. Pulmonary Disease, Including Cystic Fibrosis

16. Renal Disease

17. Diabetes Mellitus

18. Alcohol-Related, Mental, and Neurological Disorders

19. Eating Disorders

20. Pediatric Disorders

Book Reviews

"The sixth edition of this American text features nutrition information in relation to health promotion and medical therapy, as well as a good glossary and online appendices." Nursing Standard, November 2009


"The book provides excellent guidelines for nurses, midwives and members of the inter-disciplinary team in the pursuit of performing a thorough, holistic assessment of nutritional status and subsequent intervention to improve or maintain that status. The information in the book is comprehensive... wherever nutritional assessment is carried out, whether it is in primary or secondary care, this book could provide valuable support and guidance." Nurse Education in Practice, July 2009


"This is one of Mosby’s Pocket Guide Series so it is reasonably compact. This edition builds on previous editions and is the sixth in eleven years. This suggests that updates have been made consistently to maintain the texts currency and indeed builds on previous material and evidence....With 608 pages and retail price of £20.99, this book offers good value for money and will enhance the understanding of those who deliver care and nutritional advice."

Journal of Orthopaedic Nursing

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ISBN: 9780323052658
Page Count: 584
Retail Price: €38.99