Mosby's Pharmacy Technician Lab Manual Revised Reprint
Mosby's Pharmacy Technician Lab Manual Revised Reprint,
Edition 1
By Judith Neville, CPhT

Publication Date: 20 Dec 2011

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This comprehensive lab manual features more than 49 practical exercises that provide hands-on training for essential pharmacy technician skills. Realistic lab exercises include illustrations of prescription orders, and cover concepts such as hand hygiene, counting medication, prescription interpretation, data entry, pharmacy conversions, inventory management, and prior authorization. Perforated pages make it easy to turn in exercises for evaluation.

Key Features

  • Over forty lab exercises cover a wide range of skills needed for retail pharmacy, in-patient (hospital) pharmacy, home healthcare pharmacy, long term care pharmacy, and mail order pharmacy.
  • Illustrations of prescription orders provide a practical, real-world learning experience.
  • Perforated pages allow students to turn in completed lab exercises for evaluation.
  • Includes helpful references to Elsevier pharmacy technician products (i.e., Hopper), but can also be used as a standalone workbook.
About the author
By Judith Neville, CPhT, Vatterot College
Table of Contents

Orientation to the Lab
Hand Hygiene
Counting Oral Medication, Part I
Counting Oral Medication, Part II
Inpatient Prescriptions
Processing a Retail Prescription
Counting Record
Prescription Interpretation
Evaluating Prescriptions, Part I
Evaluating Prescriptions, Part II
Data Entry
Mail-Order Prescriptions
Medication Pronunciation, Part I
Medication Pronunciation, Part II
Medication Pronunciation, Part III
Medication Pronunciation, Part IV
Refilling a Retail Prescription
Scheduled Drugs
Brand/Generic Names
Product Classification
Inventory Management
Blood Glucose Monitoring
Pharmacy Conversions, Part I
Pharmacy Conversions, Part II
Prior Authorization (Insurance Claims)
Baker Cells
Extemporaneous Compounding, Part I (Intro to Equipment)
Extemporaneous Compounding, Part II (Class A Balance)
Extemporaneous Compounding, Part III (Ointment)
Extemporaneous Compounding, Part IV (Oral Suspension)
Drug Identification
Over the Counter Labeling
Advanced Prescription Interpretation
Design-A-Drug (Labeling Exercise)
Communication, Part I (Nonverbal)
Communication, Part II
Communication, Part III (Images)
Pharmacy Law
Pharmacy Technology

Prescription Drug Label
Prescription Information
Practice Prescriptions

Book Reviews

"The best feature of this manual is it's inclusion of detailed, task-oriented checklists for the more complex skills, especially those related to sterile compounding. Introductory information puts exercises in perspective and prepares the student for the laboratory work ahead. The writing style is clear and concise - neither too elementary nor overly complex - and appropriate for the intended audience."- Mary Ann Stuham, Pharm D, RPh, Journal of Pharmacy Technology, Sept/Oct 2007

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ISBN: 9780323088121
Page Count: 8
Retail Price: €43.99
978-0-323-07403-2, Mosby: Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions, 9e, Sep-2012