Essentials of Kinesiology for the Physical Therapist Assistant
Essentials of Kinesiology for the Physical Therapist Assistant,
Edition 2
By Paul Jackson Mansfield, MPT and Donald A. Neumann, PhD, PT, FAPTA

Publication Date: 09 Oct 2013

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With clear, concise explanations and detailed illustrations, ESSENTIALS OF KINESIOLOGY FOR THE PHYSICAL THERAPIST ASSISTANT is designed specifically for fast-paced PTA programs. This book makes even the most complex and daunting content logical and easy to understand by starting with the basic principles of kinesiology and building up to the applied presentation of upper- and lower-extremity areas of the body. A unique atlas-style layout used in body-region chapters pairs an illustration of an individual with a listing of that muscle’s attachments, innervations, and actions, providing you with valuable information in an excellent visual reference. This student-friendly book also features chapter outlines, key terms, learning objectives, clinical feature boxes, and much more to make learning easy.

Key Features

  • Layered learning approach provides a solid background in anatomy and function of the musculoskeletal system and explains why material is relevant to the practice of physical therapy.
  • Clinical relevance helps you master the basics of human motion before moving on to more complex clinical topics.
  • Atlas-style muscle presentations clearly link specific muscles or muscle groups with relevant information.
  • Clinical Insight and Considerations boxes link the concepts of kinesiology with their clinical applications.
  • Summary boxes and tables pull content together into concise, reader-friendly format.
  • Study questions and key terminology serves as a valuable study tool for exam preparation.

New Features

  • NEW! Full-color design makes content more vivid.
  • NEW! Expanded clinical content offers a clearer understanding of structure and function.
  • NEW! Video clips and clinical photos provide a clear demonstration of palpation techniques.
About the author
By Paul Jackson Mansfield, MPT, Professor and Program Coordinator, Physical Therapist Assistant Program, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee, WI and Donald A. Neumann, PhD, PT, FAPTA, Professor, Department of Physical Therapy and Exercise Science, College of Health Sciences, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
Table of Contents
  1. Basic Principles of Kinesiology
  2. Structure and Function of Joints
  3. Structure and Function of Skeletal Muscle
  4. Structure and Function of the Shoulder Complex
  5. Structure and Function of the Elbow and Forearm Complex
  6. Structure and Function of the Wrist
  7. Structure and Function of the Hand
  8. Structure and Function of the Vertebral Column
  9. Structure and Function of the Hip
  10. Structure and Function of the Knee
  11. Structure and Function of the Ankle and Foot
  12. Fundamentals of Human Gait
  13. Kinesiology of Mastication and Ventilation

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Page Count: 402
Illustrations: Approx. 470 illustrations (390 in full color)
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