Workbook for Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography
Workbook for Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography,
Edition 8
By Sandra L. Hagen-Ansert, MS, RDMS, RDCS, FASE, FSDMS

Publication Date: 09 May 2017

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The Workbook for Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography, 8th Edition is the perfect chapter-by-chapter learning companion to the market leading text. Filled with engaging activities, review questions, and case studies, it strengthens your critical thinking skills — and helps reinforce key sonography concepts and the latest advances in the field. A variety of question formats, including matching, short answer, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and labeling, accommodate different learning styles. This edition features updated images and scans, in addition to revised content that reflects the newest curriculum standards.

Key Features

  • Review questions presented in a variety of formats, including short answers, multiple-choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and labeling, accommodate different learning styles.
  • Image analysis exercises help you identify pathologic conditions you may encounter in the clinical setting.
  • Anatomy labeling activities test your ability to recognize anatomic structures in sonographic images.
  • A review of key terms and pathology allows you to test your knowledge of the text material.

New Features

  • NEW! Updated content reflects the newest curriculum standards, providing you with the pertinent information needed for passing the boards.
  • NEW! Updated images and scans reflect the latest advances in the field and help you prepare for the boards and clinicals.
  • NEW! Case reviews with accompanying images challenge you to apply your knowledge to real-world clinical situations.
About the author
By Sandra L. Hagen-Ansert, MS, RDMS, RDCS, FASE, FSDMS, Cardiology Department, Supervisor, Echo Lab, Scripps Clinic - Torrey Pines, CA.
Table of Contents

Volume One

Part I: Foundations of Sonography
1. Foundations of Clinical Sonography
2. Essentials of Patient Care for the Sonographer
3. Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Issues in Sonography
4. Introduction to Anatomical Relationships in the Abdominal-Pelvic Cavity
5. Comparative Sectional Anatomy of the Abdominal-Pelvic Cavity
6. Basic Ultrasound:  Scanning Techniques, Terminology & Tips
7. Artifacts in General Ultrasound Images

PART II: Abdomen
8. Vascular System
9. Liver
10. Gallbladder and the Biliary System
11. Spleen
12. Pancreas
13. Gastrointestinal Tract
14. Peritoneal Cavity and Abdominal Wall
15. Urinary System
16. Retroperitoneum
17. Ultrasound Contrast Agents in the Abdomen
18. Ultrasound-Guided Interventional Techniques
19. Emergent Ultrasound Procedures
20. Sonographic Techniques in the Transplant Patient

PART III: Superficial Structures
21. Breast
22. Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
23. Scrotum
24. Musculoskeletal System

PART IV: Pediatrics
25. Neonatal & Pediatric Abdomen
26. Neonatal and Pediatric Adrenal & Urinary System
27. Neonatal & Infant Head
28. Infant & Pediatric Hip
29. Neonatal & Infant Spine

Volume Two

PART V: The Thoracic Cavity
30. Anatomic and Physiologic Relationships within the Thoracic Cavity
31. Hemodynamics for the Sonographer
32. Introduction to Echocardiographic Techniques, Termniology & Tips
33. Introduction To Clinical Echo: Left Side Valvular Heart Disease
34. Introduction To Clinical Echo: Pericardial Disease, Cardiomyopathies and Tumors
35. Fetal Echocardiography: Beyond the Four Chambers
36. Fetal Echocardiography: Congenital Heart Disease

Part VI: Cerebrovascular
37. Extracranial Cerebrovascular Evaluation
38. Intracranial Cerebrovascular Evaluation
39. Peripheral Arterial Evaluation
40. Peripheral Venous Evaluation

PART VII: Gynecology
41. Normal Anatomy and Physiology of the Female Pelvis
42. Sonographic Evaluation of the Female Pelvis
43. Pathology of the Uterus
44. Pathology of the Ovaries
45. Pathology of the Adnexa
46. The Role of Ultrasound in Evaluating Female Infertility

PART VIII: Obstetrics
47. The Role of Sonography in Obstetrics
48. Clinical Ethics for Obstetric Sonography
49. The Normal First Trimester
50. First-Trimester Complications
51. Sonography of the Second and Third Trimesters
52. Obstetric Measurements and Gestational Age
53. Fetal Growth Assessment by Sonography
54. Sonography and High-Risk Pregnancy
55. Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Anomalies
56. Placenta
57. Umbilical Cord
58. Amniotic Fluid, Fetal Membranes, and Fetal Hydrops
59. Fetal Face and Neck
60. Chapter 60: Fetal Neural Axis
61. Fetal Thorax
62. Fetal Anterior Abdominal Wall
63. Fetal Abdomen
64. Fetal Urogenital System
65. Fetal Skeleton

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Page Count: 570
Illustrations: Approx. 998 illustrations
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