Introduction to Radiologic Technology

Introduction to Radiologic Technology Edition 8

Editors: By William J. Callaway, MA, RT(R)
ISBN: 9780323643399
Publication Date : Jun 12, 2019
Page Count: 182
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Introduction to Radiologic Technology, 8th Edition is a solid orientation to the field of radiologic technology whether you’re a new or perspective student. Updated content throughout reflects the newest curriculum standards outlined by the ARRT and ASRT, along with the latest medical terminology, units of measurement, and radiation protection standards. The clear, logical progression of the text is perfect for students who are unfamiliar with the subject matter. The book opens with a historical overview of medicine and radiology, followed by insights into key topics such as the language of medicine, digital and conventional imaging, patient care, and radiation safety. Other topics include ethics, medical-legal considerations, and quality assurance giving you a wide-body of knowledge required for a successful career in the imaging sciences.

Key Features

  • A clear, easy-to-read style does not assume you have prior knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Critical thinking skills are highlighted, with four important steps to take in assessing situations and making informed decisions.
  • Guidelines for a solid radiography career foundation discuss customer service, ethics and professionalism, and professional organizations.
  • Thorough introduction to radiologic technology includes a concise overview of what you can expect in your coursework.
  • Cultural diversity coverage orients you to the challenge of dealing with patients from different cultures in the medical environment.

New Features

  • NEW! Updated career advancement opportunities and newest medical terminology include just the right amount detail for new radiographers.
  • NEW! Incorporation of SI units of measurement accurately depict current practice standards.
About the Editor
By William J. Callaway, MA, RT(R), Associate Dean, Department of Health Professions, Director, Associate Degree Radiography Program, Academic Services Division, Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield, IL, USA
Table of Contents

Part I: Becoming a Radiologic Technologist
1. Radiography Education: From Classroom to Clinic
2. Becoming an Outstanding Student
3. Evolution of Health Care Delivery
4. Radiology: A Historic Perspective

Part II: Practicing the Profession
5. Orientation to Patient Care
6. Providing Quality Patient Service
7. The Language of Medicine
8. The Technology of Medical Imaging
9. Imaging Examinations: Diagnosing Disease and Injury
10. Radiation Protection
11. Ethics, Professionalism, and Law in Radiologic Technology
12. Organization and Operation of the Radiology Department
13. Health Professions

Part III: Growing with the Profession
14.The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
15. Professional Associations
16. Clinical Specialization and Professional Advancement