Digital and Radiographic Imaging

Digital and Radiographic Imaging A Practical ApproachEdition 4

Editors: By Chris Gunn, MA, TDCR
ISBN: 9780443068638
Publication Date : Dec 17, 2008
Page Count: 208
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  • EUR: €55.99

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This book covers all the existing imaging modalities currently in use in imaging departments, providing a sound basis for understanding how individual systems work. It is designed to be accessible to students without minimising the content. Although conventional imaging is being phased out, it still exists in certain areas, e.g. dental surgeries, and therefore is reduced in size and placed in an Appendix.

Key Features

  • The text has been restructured in list form to increase clarity and aid study
  • Pedagogic features include an introduction and summary for each chapter
  • Glossaries of imaging terms and computer buzz words, and a key to commonly used abbreviations are included

New Features

  • New edition is completely rewritten:
    • Digital imaging is main focus
    • CT, ultrasound, MRI and NMR imaging added
    • 'Conventional' imaging retained as an Appendix
    • Text simplified, and block diagrams, flow charts and tables added to increase accessibility of content
About the Editor
By Chris Gunn, MA, TDCR
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