Therapeutic Footwear

Therapeutic Footwear A Comprehensive GuideEdition 1

Editors: By Wendy Tyrrell, MEd, MChS and Gwenda Carter, MChS, MSSF, A&FE Tutor(C&G)
ISBN: 9780443068836
Publication Date : Oct 30, 2008
Page Count: 352
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THERAPEUTIC FOOTWEAR: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE gives authoritative and wide-ranging information to health professionals concerned with the prescribing and fitting of surgical and corrective footwear. Wendy Tyrrell and Gwenda Carter have combined their many years of teaching and clinical experience to produce a textbook that is accessible, clear and without doubt the most definitive account of the subject currently available.

Broad in scope, the text ranges through patient assessment, suitability of styles, retail and bespoke footwear, orthoses, measuring and fitting, all from the relatively simple to the most complex of cases. There is no other available single resource that offers such complete support and guidance to practitioners who wish to prescribe, fit and assess the effectiveness of therapeutic footwear.

All podiatrists will find a knowledge base, an instructional guide and an aid to problem solving. It will also be an invaluable source of information to students, orthotists, pedorthists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other health professionals seeking practical knowledge of this important subject.
About the Editor
By Wendy Tyrrell, MEd, MChS, Principal Lecturer, University of Wales Institute Cardiff; Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Wales College of Medicine; Director of Enterprise, School of Health Sciences, University of Wales Institute Cardiff, Cardiff, UK Principal Lecturer and Gwenda Carter, MChS, MSSF, A&FE Tutor(C&G), Orthopaedic Footwear Consultant; Head of Department Footwear Centre, Mile End Hospital London; Tower Hamlets NHS Healthcare Trust, London, UK
Table of Contents
It’s not just a pair of shoes. Shoe styles. Retail footwear. Shoes and orthotics. Prescription footwear. Sole units. Stock and modular footwear. Measurements for bespoke footwear. Construction methods and components for bespoke footwear. Fitting bespoke footwear. Treating patients with complex pathologies. Case studies.
Book Reviews

"an excellent practical manual of benefit to all health care practitioners who have a need to consider footwear needs of their patients. At the time of writing, the book was the only textbook available covering therapeutic footwear. "

"A single resource that offers complete support and guidance to professionals who wish to prescribe, fit and assess the effectiveness of therapeutic footwear. Podiatry Now, July 2009

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