Sociology in Nursing and Healthcare

Sociology in Nursing and Healthcare Edition 1

Editors: By Hannah Cooke, BSc(Hons), MSc(Econ), MSc(Nursing Studies), RGN, DN, RNT and Susan M. Philpin
ISBN: 9780443101557
Publication Date : May 23, 2008
Page Count: 256
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Nursing practice needs to be informed by an understanding of people and the societies in which they live. This introductory text has been designed specifically to discuss those aspects of sociology which are most relevant to nursing and the health care context in which it takes place. Divided into three sections linking to key issues of relevance to nursing, it provides an accessible introduction to major sociological themes and ideas:
Part 1 Sociology, nursing and everyday life.
Part 2 The Healthcare System.
Part 3 The Experience of Illness.

All students taking nursing and health sciences courses, and social sciences modules, will find this book a readable and relevant introduction to sociology and health care.
About the Editor
By Hannah Cooke, BSc(Hons), MSc(Econ), MSc(Nursing Studies), RGN, DN, RNT, Lecturer in Nursing, University of Manchester School of Nursing Studies, Manchester, UK; and Susan M. Philpin, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Care of Older People; School of Health Science, University of Wales, Swansea, UK
Table of Contents
Part one – Sociology, nursing and everyday life
Introduction. Thinking sociologically about families and health. Thinking sociologically about religion and health. Work, professionalism and organisational life. Social class, poverty and health. Inequalities and health disadvantage.

Part two - Healthcare systems and nursing
Healthcare policy and organisational change. Power and communication in healthcare. Nursing and nursing professionalism. Partnerships and care in the community.

Part three – The experience of illness
Understandings of health, illness, risk and bodies. Lay understandings of health and risk: a changing picture. Experiencing ill-health. Social responses to illness and disability. Death and dying.