The Child Protection Handbook
The Child Protection Handbook,
Edition 3
By Kate Wilson, BA(Oxon), DipSWK(Sussex) and Adrian L. James, BA, MA, PhD, GDSA, DASS

Publication Date: 25 Apr 2007

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The new edition of this popular handbook gives an authoritative, informative and accessible account of key areas of child protection practice. Covering research, policy and practice it is relevant to all professionals working in child care.

No other book on child protection offers such comprehensive coverage of policy and practice. It provides research findings in all areas of child abuse, latest policies and indications of good practice, plus specialist chapters for different professionals. Chapters have been contributed by known experts in the field, both distinguished academics and practitioners. By combining the latest factual information with sophisticated analysis, it is the ideal course text for child protection programmes as well as meeting the needs of more experienced practitioners, academics and trainers.

Key Features

  • Practical. Examines the issues grounded in reality, and therefore gives the reader confidence in practice, coupled with an understanding of the responsibilities of colleagues in other professions.
  • Comprehensive. Covers a broad review of what constitutes child abuse and characteristics of the abused and the abusers; medical, social and legal management of the process of protection; the actions involved in intervention. and training and new directions for research and practice.
  • Authoritative. Contributors are senior professionals known nationally and internationally for their specific expertise in this area.
  • Research based. All books should be, but amongst the professionals most closely involved in child protection, the heavy workload often means there is little time to catch up on and assimilate up-to-date research fully. This book offers a through guide to what research and policy initiatives can give to the practice of the reader.

New Features

  • new chapters addressing issues of culture and parenting..
  • each chapter contains key messages for practitioners.
  • key websites have been listed.
  • a website on Evolve with supplementary material.
About the author
By Kate Wilson, BA(Oxon), DipSWK(Sussex), Professor of Social Work, Centre for Social Work, University of Nottingham, UK and Adrian L. James, BA, MA, PhD, GDSA, DASS, Professor of Social Work, Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
Table of Contents
Section 1 Understanding child abuse

Safeguarding children: a socio-historical analysis. Patterns and outcomes. Child abuse: defining, understanding and intervening. Child sexual abuse: who are the perpetrators? Common forms and consequences of child abuse. Issues of gender. Issues of culture. Issues of ethnicity. Safeguarding children with disabilities. Abuse in institutional settings

Section 2 Managing the process of safeguarding children

Child protection in the international and domestic civil legal context. Making enquiries under Section 47 of the Children Act 1989. Safeguarding children: the assessment challenges. Safeguarding children and integrated children’s services. Safeguarding children and case conferences. Health practitioners and safeguarding children. Safeguarding children in education. Child protection proceedings in court. The work of the children’s guardian. Child protection and the criminal justice system

Section 3 Intervention in safeguarding children

Partnership with parents. Individual work with children. Non-directive play therapy with children and adolescents who have been maltreated. Parenting issues and practice in safeguarding children. Working with abusing families. Working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse: trauma, attachment and the search for meaning. Out-of-home care for the abused or neglected child: a review of the knowledge base for planning and practice. Safeguarding children: the manager’s perspective. Where are we now? Themes and future directions
Book Reviews
“I have found this handbook thought-provoking and comprehensive, and commend it to all practitioners in the field¿
Karen Broadhurst, Child and Family Social Work 2008, 13, pp 235-239
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