Feline Soft Tissue and General Surgery
Feline Soft Tissue and General Surgery,
Edition 1
Edited by Sorrel J Langley-Hobbs, MA BVetMed DSAS(O) DECVS FHEA MRCVS, Jackie Demetriou, BVetMed,CertSAS,DipECVS,MRCVS and Jane Ladlow, MA, VetMB, CertSAS, CertVR, DipECVS

Publication Date: 10 Dec 2013

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While the practice of feline general and oncologic surgery has developed greatly in recent years, the option of referral for some cat owners is not always a viable one. The increasing requirement for the general veterinarian to be competent in performing feline surgery has not however been supported by a dedicated text on the subject. Feline General and Oncological Surgery assembles an international team of editors and contributors to present the first comprehensive resource devoted solely to all aspects of soft-tissue surgeries in the cat. Techniques are covered in a practical and detailed ‘how to’ manner and range from the common to the more specialized, ensuring the widest possible appeal.

The book divides into several sections, intially considering the general approach to the feline surgery patient and then proceeding to detailed coverage of surgery by anatomic location. Part 1 deals with the basics of feline anesthesia, analgesia, preoperative and postoperative care of the patient, surgical instrumentation and surgical principles for oncology cases. Part 2 covers surgical techniques of general and oncological feline diseases and injuries, which are explained as step-by-step methods with many specially prepared schematic illustrations specific to the cat. Emphasis is on presenting both classical methods and new techniques.

Feline General and Oncological Surgery is the perfect sister-text to Feline Orthopedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Disease, also published by Saunders Elsevier. Together they comprise a comprehensive and complete literature giving practial coverage of all possible surgical procedures in the cat.

Key Features

    • The first feline-specific book on soft-tissue surgery in the cat
    • Comprehensively addresses all surgeries currently practicable
    • Contains clear descriptions of techniques accompanied by wide-ranging, full-color illustrations
    • Presents an authoritative collaboration of editors and contributors of international reputation and authority
About the author
Edited by Sorrel J Langley-Hobbs, MA BVetMed DSAS(O) DECVS FHEA MRCVS, Professor of Small Animal Orthopaedic Surgery European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery School of Veterinary Sciences University of Bristol ; Jackie Demetriou, BVetMed,CertSAS,DipECVS,MRCVS, Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery, The Queen's Veterinary School Hospital, University of Cambridge, UK and Jane Ladlow, MA, VetMB, CertSAS, CertVR, DipECVS
Book Reviews

“Cats are increasingly popular pets; in 2009 Australian households owned 2.35 million cats, in 2012 their number had increased to 3.3 million (source: Pets Australia). Cats are therefore likely to be presented to veterinarians more frequently, often with diseases or injuries that require complex treatments. Now, finally, a textbook on feline soft tissue surgery has been published! Cat-specific textbooks on internal medicine and orthopaedic surgery are already available, but this book is the missing link to a complete feline practice library. Together with the companion book Feline orthopedic surgery and Musculoskeletal Disease, the whole array of surgical conditions in cats is covered.

There are many soft tissue surgery conditions that are unique to cats; the more common examples are hyperthyroidism, megacolon, injection-site sarcomas, and upper and lower urinary tract disease. Feline soft tissue and general surgery is a comprehensive text that is pleasurable to read because of the many illustrations, photos and case examples. All the editors and the 60 authors of the book are accomplished specialists in feline medicine or surgery, with a wealth of experience in their fields. By passing on their in-depth knowledge, they have created a state-of-the-art textbook.

The book is divided into seven sections, which are colour-coded for easy orientation. Sections 1 and 2 cover general aspects of soft tissue surgery, such as anesthesia and postoperative care, and diagnostics including diagnostic imaging and endoscopy. Section 3 covers oncological surgery and adjuvant therapy, section 4 is skin and adnexa, sections 5 and 6 address the abdomen thorax, respectively, and section 7 entails surgery of the head and neck. The sections are further divided into different chapters according to body systems. Within each body system, specific surgical anatomy of the cat, general considerations and diagnostic methods, a summary of surgical diseases and the surgical techniques are described. The text is fully referenced.

A great feature of this book is the boxes within each chapter in which the surgical techniques are described in detail in a ‘how-to-do’ approach. The descriptions are nicely illustrated with medical illustrations or photos. The reader will find many surgical tips for all levels of skill to facilitate difficult steps of the procedures. The selection of techniques is comprehensive and ranges from basic skin surgeries and neutering through intermediate-level head and neck and intestinal surgery to more specialist-level surgery, for example of the thorax, the ureters and the adrenal glands.

The book is relevant to a wide audience because both basic and advanced techniques with the relevant background knowledge are described, so there is useful information for students, newly graduated and experienced veterinarians, and specialists. This book should not be missing from the library of any small animal or mixed veterinary practice that is performing general or soft tissue surgery in cats. The book will also be invaluable for postgraduate trainees interested in feline surgery, such as Membership and Fellowship candidates.¿

Dr Katja Voss
Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney and Head of the Small Animal Surgery Unit of the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Published in Australian Veterinary Journal Volume 92, No 11, November 2014

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ISBN: 9780702043369
Page Count: 752
Illustrations: Approx. 1089 illustrations (670 in full color)
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