Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology Workbook

Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology Workbook Edition 2

Editors: By Sally J. Bowden, VN
ISBN: 9780702052323
Publication Date : May 28, 2012
Page Count: 196
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  • EUR: €29.99

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Understanding companion animal anatomy and physiology is the foundation to providing good veterinary care, but the underlying concepts covered in the classroom are not always easy to relate to everyday clinical practice.

The new edition of Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology Workbook continues to provide a fun and interactive means to test the student’s knowledge, using crosswords, word searches, mnemonics, quizzes, labelling diagrams, and more.

Key Features

  • A unique way to revise a complex subject

  • Includes hints and tips for effective study

  • Interactive quizzes and practical tasks facilitate group study

  • New chapters on birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and horses cover all major companion animal species

About the Editor
By Sally J. Bowden, VN, Lecturer in Veterinary Nursing and Animal Science
Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 Body Composition and Cells

  • Chapter 2 Body Tissues and Cavities

  • Chapter 3 Skeletal System

  • Chapter 4 Muscular System

  • Chapter 5 Nervous System and Special Senses

  • Chapter 6 Endocrine System

  • Chapter 7 The Heart & Blood Vascular System, Lymphatic and Immune Systems

  • Chapter 8 Respiratory System

  • Chapter 9 Digestive System

  • Chapter 10 Urinary System

  • Chapter 11 Reproductive System

  • Chapter 12 The Skin and Hair

  • Chapter 13 Birds

  • Chapter 14 Exotic Mammals

  • Chapter 15 Reptiles

  • Chapter 16 The Horse