Merriman's Assessment of the Lower Limb
Merriman's Assessment of the Lower Limb,
Edited by Ben Yates, MSc, BSc(Hons), FCPod(S), DPodM

Publication Date: 06 July 2012

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Merriman's Assessment of the Lower Limb has established itself through two editions as the benchmark text book of lower limb examination and assessment. The third edition preserves the lucidity, logical approach and comprehensive coverage of its predecessors but adds many exciting features, including online resources (videos and images), many new contributors, thorough updating of all chapters – many of which have been completely rewritten – and an entirely new chapter on functional assessment. The online resources (access via provide extensive videos of assessment techniques and illustrations: practitioners with patients and models show how to assess all parts of the lower limb, and evaluate various conditions.

Together with its companion volume Clinical Skills in Treating the Foot, the new third edition of Merriman’s Assessment of the Lower Limb is a truly indispensable guide for podiatry students and practitioners, as well as trainee general practitioners, medical students working in rheumatology, diabetology and orthopaedics, sports therapists and sports medicine trainees.

Key Features

  • Online resources incorporating videos and illustrations: 

    • invaluable footage of assessment techniques

    • downloadable full colour figures and extra

    • radiological photographs

Log on to and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Many new contributors bringing fresh expertise and insights for today’s student

  • All chapters thoroughly rewritten and updated

  • New chapter on functional assessment

  • Case histories help put learning in context

About the author
Edited by Ben Yates, MSc, BSc(Hons), FCPod(S), DPodM, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Great Western Hospital, Swindon, UK
Table of Contents
Part 1. Approaching the patient

*The assessment interview
*The presenting problem
*Health outcome assessment

Part 2. Systems examination

*The medical and social history
*Vascular assessment
*Neurological assessment
*Dermatological assessment
*Footwear assessment
*Musculoskeletal assessment:
A. Orthopaedic assessment of the lower limb
B. Functional assessment

Part 3. Laboratory and hospital investigations

*Methods of analysing gait
*Diagnostic imaging
*Laboratory tests

Part 4. Specific client groups

*Assessment of the paediatric patient
*Assessment of the sports patient
*Assessment of the older person
*The painful foot
*Assessment of the at-risk foot
*Assessment of the surgical patient


*Vascular assessment
*Neurological assessment
(Musculoskeletal assessment
*Diagnostic imaging
*The painful foot
*The at-risk foot
*Image library
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