Sobotta Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy, one volume, English
Sobotta Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy, one volume, English,
Edition 1
Edited by Sabine Hombach-Klonisch, Thomas Klonisch and Jason Peeler

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2019

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The Sobotta Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy is tailored specifically to the needs of medical and health professional students.

It utilizes a regional approach for learning human anatomy that integrates core concepts of anatomical structure and function with modern methods of diagnostic imaging, cross-sectional anatomy, illustrations of real world functions, clinically relevant surface anatomy and key examples of how anatomical knowledge informs clinical practice.

The 'Clinical Remarks' and 'Structure/Function' sections provide important and easily identifiable practical examples, which reinforce clinical application of anatomical knowledge. Moreover, all anatomical images are accompanied by descriptive text and summary tables which serve to highlight the key concepts associated with each specific image.

Key features of the atlas include:

  • More than 1850 anatomical, radiological, cross-sectional and functional images with clinically relevant labels give you a solid grounding in human anatomy
  • Descriptive text provides you with additional information for all images
  • Summary tables allow you to organize valuable key concepts
  • The regional approach to anatomy enables you to place functional, clinical and cross-sectional images in context
  • 'Clinical Remarks' and 'Structure/Function' vignettes give you a head-start in learning anatomy in a clinically relevant manner
  • Surface anatomy illustrations equip you with valuable knowledge for your first physical examinations
  • The perfect study tool for courses in medicine – as well as a range of other courses, including dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, kinesiology or the movement sciences and physician assistants
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About the author
Edited by Sabine Hombach-Klonisch; Thomas Klonisch and Jason Peeler
Table of Contents

1. General Anatomy

2. Back and Spine

3. Upper Extremity

4. Lower Extremity

5. Thorax

6. Abdomen

7. Pelvis

8. Head

9. Eye

10. Ear

11. Neck

12. Neuroanatomy

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ISBN: 9780702052736
Page Count: 664
Illustrations: Approx. 1892 illustrations (1892 in full color)
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