Veterinary Medical Terminology
Veterinary Medical Terminology,
Edition 2
By Dawn E. Christenson, LVT

Publication Date: 15 May 2008

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Organized by body system, this user-friendly textbook helps you quickly gain a solid understanding of veterinary terminology. Essential word parts and terms are presented in the context of basic anatomy, physiology, and disease conditions, enabling you to immediately apply new terms to practical clinical situations. A companion Evolve website features interactive exercises that reinforce your master of veterinary terminology, as well as audio clips to help you learn proper pronunciation. Crossword puzzles at the end of each chapter test your knowledge, challenging you to go beyond simple memorization and become fluent in the language of veterinary medicine.

Key Features

  • A logical body-systems approach and consistent chapter format make it fun and easy to learn veterinary terminology.
  • Goals, objectives, and self-study sections at the beginning of each chapter help you focus your study time and allow you to check your recall and understanding of key facts and terminology.
  • Crossword puzzles at the end of each chapter reinforce important concepts and correspond to an answer key at the end of the book where you can check your responses and assess your progress.
  • A complete glossary of word parts gives you quick access to the spelling and meaning of every prefix, suffix, root, and combining form covered in the book.

New Features

  • An Evolve website offers interactive games and audio pronunciations to help reinforce your understanding of key word parts and terms.
  • The engaging full-color format includes nearly 230 illustrations that clearly demonstrate key anatomy and physiology concepts and terminology.
  • Expanded coverage of ruminant anatomy and physiology enhances your knowledge of these species and related terminology.
  • Crossword puzzles at the end of each chapter test your knowledge and challenge you to use newly learned terms.
About the author
By Dawn E. Christenson, LVT, Instructor, College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Veterinary Medical Terminology

2. The Cell

3. Body Structure and Organization

4. The Hematopoietic System

5. The Lymphatic System

6. The Musculoskeletal

7. The Cardiovascular System

8. The Respiratory System

9. The Neurologic System

10. The Eye

11. The Ear

12. The Alimentary System

13. The Urinary System

14. The Reproductive System

15. The Endocrine System

16. The Integumentary System

17. Pharmacology

Appendix A: Chemical Symbol–Element Cross Reference

Appendix B: Answer Key

Glossary of Word Parts
Book Reviews

This book aims to make learning veterinary terminology easy and engaging and I think it achieves that aim very well. (...) I had not anticipated the great depth to which each chapter went into explaining and putting into context the various terms, (...) it was very engaging and comprehensive and ensured the reader had the terminology explained within good context. (...) The diagrams are very well done and clearly labelled. The pictures are of a good size, are all in colour and complement the text very well. (...) I did find the book very engaging and informative. Veterinary Medical Terminology is a well laid out, informative read. It will make a useful addition to our library and I will no doubt be dipping in and out.

VN Times, November 2009

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Page Count: 396
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