Plunkett's Procedures for the Medical Administrative Assistant
Plunkett's Procedures for the Medical Administrative Assistant,
Edition 4
By Elsbeth McCall

Publication Date: 07 July 2006

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Plunkett’s Procedures for the Medical Administrative Assistant, 4th edition, provides instruction for all the essential office procedures required by today’s medical administrative assistants in Canada, whether they work in a medical office, a complementary care office, or in a hospital setting.

Written in a clear, engaging style, this new edition contains the most current information available in the field, and specifically reflects health care in Canada. Chapters address the diverse skills and knowledge required by a medical administrative assistant, such as good communication, stress management, medical transcription, filing, and appointment booking.

Key Features

  • Key Terms with definitions highlight important terminology in the field.

  • Learning Objectives and boxed inserts address important issues for students to consider.

  • End-of-chapter assignments simulate real-life tasks in the medical office setting.

  • Discussion questions address important issues in the office setting and how best to deal with them.

  • Enhanced coverage of health benefits, with updated information on provincial and territorial health plans across Canada.

  • An accompanying CD-ROM, which includes Working Papers and templates for in-text assignments, as well as new interactive exercises for extra practice on tasks and scenarios encountered in the medical office environment.

  • Additional coverage of important topics such as patient safety and confidentiality, prioritizing tasks, limits to the role of office administrator, appropriate communication, medical ethics and legal issues, and the need to be able to handle both manual and computerized methods.

  • A full chapter devoted to career planning and the job search.

  • Four appendices, addressing common abbreviations used in the health care field, common laboratory tests and turnaround times, commonly prescribed drugs, and a list of important reference resources.

About the author
By Elsbeth McCall, Instructor, Medical Office Administration Program, Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Table of Contents

  1. Your Future as a Medical Administrative Assistant

  2. Reception, Booking Appointments and Clinical Responsibilities

  3. Patient Records Management

  4. The Telephone

  5. Office Correspondence: Mail, Memos, Letters, and Envelopes

  6. Health Insurance Plans

  7. Financial Records

  8. Managing Office Supplies

  9. Procedures Manual

  10. Meeting Organization

  11. Hospital Records, Requisitions, and Reports

  12. Hippocrates and Health Associations

  13. Doctors and the Law

  14. Your Job Search


  • Appendix A: Common Abbreviations Used in the Health Care Field

  • Appendix B: Laboratory Medicine

  • Appendix C: Pharmacology

  • Appendix D: Reference Resources
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