Infusion Nursing
Infusion Nursing,
Edition 3 An Evidence-Based Approach
By Infusion Nurses Society, Mary Alexander, Ann Corrigan, Lisa Gorski, RN, MS, C, Judy Hankins and Roxanne Perucca; Edited by Mary Alexander

Publication Date: 17 June 2009

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With a new focus on evidence-based practice, the 3rd edition of this authoritative reference covers every aspect of infusion therapy and can be applied to any clinical setting. Completely updated content brings you the latest advances in equipment, technology, best practices, guidelines, and patient safety. Other key topics include quality management, ethical and legal issues, patient education, and financial considerations. Ideal as a practical clinical reference, this essential guide is also a perfect review tool for the CRNI examination.

Key Features

  • Authored by the Infusion Nurses Society, this highly respected reference sets the standard for infusion nursing practice.
  • Coverage of all 9 core areas of INS certification makes this a valuable review resource for the examination.
  • Material progresses from basic to advanced to help new practitioners build a solid foundation of knowledge before moving on to more advanced topics.
  • Each chapter focuses on a single topic and can serve as a stand-alone reference for busy nursing professionals.
  • Expanded coverage of infusion therapy equipment, product selection, and evaluation help you provide safe, effective care.
  • A separate chapter on infusion therapy across the continuum offers valuable guidance for treating patients with infusion therapy needs in outpatient, long-term, and home-care, as well as hospice and ambulatory care centers.
  • Extensive information on specialties addresses key areas such as oncology, pain management, blood components, and parenteral nutrition.

New Features

  • An evidence-based approach and new Focus on Evidence boxes throughout the book emphasize the importance of research in achieving the best possible patient outcomes.
  • The user-friendly design highlights essential information in handy boxes, tables, and lists for quick access.
  • Completely updated coverage ensures you are using the most current infusion therapy guidelines available.
About the author
By Infusion Nurses Society; Mary Alexander; Ann Corrigan; Lisa Gorski, RN, MS, C; Judy Hankins, Coordinator, IV Admixture, Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, Greensboro, NC and Roxanne Perucca; Edited by Mary Alexander
Table of Contents
Section I: Infusion Therapy Overview

1. Infusion Nursing as a Specialty

2. Evidence-Based Practice

3. Quality Management

4. Legal Issues of Infusion Nursing

5. Ethics

6. Clinician and Patient Education

7. Clinician and Patient Safety

8. Infusion Therapy Across the Continuum

9. Financial Considerations

Section II: Physiologic Considerations

10. Anatomy and Physiology Related to Infusion Therapy

11. Fluid and Electrolytes

12. Infection Prevention and Control

Section III: Infusion Therapies

13. Parenteral Fluids

14. Blood Component Therapy

15. Pharmacology

16. Biologic Therapy

17. Parenteral Nutrition

18. Antineoplastic Therapy

19. Pain Management

Section IV: Infusion Delivery Systems

20. Infusion Therapy Equipment

21. Product Selection and Evaluation

Section V: Infusion Nursing Practice

22. Patient Assessment as Related to Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

23. Peripheral Venous Access Devices

24. Central Venous Access Devices: Access and Insertion

25. Central Venous Access Devices: Care, Maintenance, and Potential Complications

26. Alternative Infusion Access Devices

27. Intraspinal Access and Medication Administration

28. Documentation

Section VI: Specialty Populations

29. Infusion Therapy in Children

30. Infusion Therapy in the Older Adult
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Page Count: 624
Retail Price: €100.99
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