Nutrition Essentials and Diet Therapy
Nutrition Essentials and Diet Therapy,
Edition 11
By Nancy J. Peckenpaugh, MSEd, RD, CDN, CDE

Publication Date : 06 Oct 2009

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Nutrition Essentials and Diet Therapy provides complete coverage of all of the content needed in an LPN/LVN curriculum. This versatile text concentrates on what is most important for the health care provider to know about the nutrition basics and the application on nutrition knowledge. Coverage includes the latest developments in nutrition fundamentals, nutrition across the life span, nutritional management of chronic and acute illnesses, the latest DRI’s, and expanded coverage of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and herbal remedies. An LPN Threads Series title.

Key Features

  • Unique! Cultural boxes incorporated throughout each chapter focus on specific ways in which culture affects nutritional concepts in practice and promote a greater cultural awareness and prepares students to work with diverse clients.
  • Unique! Facts and Fallacies identify common myths about nutrition and then present the facts. This feature promotes nutritional education that is based on research and current belief.
  • Unique! Teaching Pearls provide practical nutritional counseling tips and analogies.
  • Critical Thinking Case Studies cover a variety of client teaching considerations related to various nutritional situations. Each case study is followed by application questions.
  • Chapter Challenge Questions and Classroom Activities appear at the end of each chapter and provide the opportunity to review and discuss the content.

New Features

  • Additional coverage on women and cardiovascular disease provides insight to the importance of prevention of cardiovascular disease.
  • Expanded herbal therapy coverage includes content on potential interactions between herbal medications and other types of medication.
  • Information on the role that nutrition plays in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases has been expanded to address the significant growth in the number of individuals being diagnosed with these problems.
  • Expanded content on proteins addresses the increase use of protein powders by athletes and the use of enteral and parenteral supplements during chronic and acute illnesses.
  • NEW Online Version of Nutritrac Nutrition Analysis Program provides additional tools for learning with an expanded food database of over 5,000 foods in 18 different categories and a complete listing of more than 150 activities. Additional new features for this online version include an ideal body weight (IBW) calculator, a Harris-Benedict calculator to estimate total daily energy needs, and the complete Exchange Lists for Meal Planning.
About the author
By Nancy J. Peckenpaugh, MSEd, RD, CDN, CDE, Dietitian in Private Practice, Lifetime Nutrition Services, Ithaca, NY; Dietitian, Office of Dr. Adam Law, Endocrinologist; Consulting Dietitian, Dryden Family Medicine, Lakeside Nursing Home, and Medicaid Obstetrical and Maternal Services (MOMS) of Tompkins County
Table of Contents

Section 1 - The Art and Science of Nutrition In Health and Disease
Chapter 1: The Art of Nutrition in a Family Context
Chapter 2: Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats: The Energy Macronutrients of Balanced Meals
Chapter 3: The Micronutrients of Balanced Meals: Vitamins, Minerals, Phytochemicals, and Water
Chapter 4: Digestion, Absorption, and Metabolism in Health and Disease
Section 2 - Chronic and Acute Illness
Chapter 5: Insulin Resistance and The Metabolic Syndrome
Chapter 6: Obesity and Healthy Weight Management
Chapter 7: Cardiovascular Disease
Chapter 8: Diabetes Mellitus
Chapter 9: Renal Disease
Chapter 10: Cancer: Nutrition Prevention and Treatment
Section 3 - Life Span and Wellness Concerns in Promoting Health and Managing Illness
Chapter 11: Maternal and Infant Nutrition in Health and Disease
Chapter 12: Growth and Development Issues in Promoting Good Health
Chapter 13: Nutrition Over the Adult Life Span
Chapter 14: Public Health Issues in National and International Nutrition
Chapter 15: The Nutrition Care Process in the Health Care Setting

Appendices - Available online through Evolve
Appendix 1 Websites for Nutrition Information and Educational Material
Appendix 2 MyPyramid Worksheet
Appendix 3 The Exchange Lists for Weight Management
Appendix 4 Estimating Body Frame Size
Appendix 5 Identifying Anemias
Appendix 6 Nutritive Values of Various Foods
Appendix 7 Nutritive Value of Selected Ethnic Foods
Appendix 8 Fiber Content of Selected Foods
Appendix 9 Body Mass Index
Appendix 10 Blood Pressure Tables for Children and Adolescents
Appendix 11 The DASH Eating Plan
Appendix 12 Growth Charts for Boys and Girls from Birth to 18 Years of Age
Appendix 13 Child Care Meal Patterns
Appendix 14 Food Storage Guidelines
Appendix 15 Braden Scale for Pedicting Pressure Sore Risk


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