Skills Practice Manual for LaFleur Brooks' Health Unit Coordinating
Skills Practice Manual for LaFleur Brooks' Health Unit Coordinating,
Edition 7
By Elaine A. Gillingham, AAS, BA, CHUC and Monica Wadsworth Seibel, BS, MEd, CHUC

Publication Date: 29 May 2013

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Master skills in a simulated hospital setting before working in actual hospital practice! The 96 exercises and activities in this practice manual correspond to LaFleur Brooks’ Health Unit Coordinating, 6th Edition and provide hands-on experience by specifying necessary skills, as well as the materials and steps you need to practice them. Plus, the companion CD-ROM packaged with this manual simulates a hospital computer system to help you hone skills you’ll use in the field!

Key Features

  • Standard organization for each activity provides a record of the tasks to be completed, such as: materials needed, situation, directions, and check lists.
  • Relevant practice orders include additional scenarios to give you more practice with relevant skills.
  • Printable physicians orders allow simulation for both the EHR and paper environment.
  • Ordering requisitions appendix can be used for activities requiring the online EHR when a computer is not available.
  • Handwritten doctors’ orders give you practice deciphering poor handwriting samples
  • Clinical Evaluation Record provides a written record of your performance in the clinical setting.

New Features

  • NEW! Online access to a working Electronic Health Record gives you realistic hands-on practice entering orders; admitting, transferring, and discharging patients; processing patient and order inquiries; canceling orders; entering lab and diagnostic imaging results; completing patient profiles, doctor’s rosters, and chart forms.
  • NEW! Fully updated directions provides the most up-to-date information on order transcription, forms and orders, and skills evaluations that reflect working in an EHR environment.
About the author
By Elaine A. Gillingham, AAS, BA, CHUC, Program Director (Retired), Health Unit Coordinator Program, GateWay Community College, Phoenix, AZ and Monica Wadsworth Seibel, BS, MEd, CHUC, Program Director, Health Unit Coordinator Program, GateWay Community College, Phoenix, AZ
Table of Contents
Section 1: Orientation to Hospitals, Medical Centers, and Health Care
1. Health Unit Coordinating
2. Overview of Health Care Today
3. The Nursing Department and Medical Staff
4. Communication Devices and Their Uses
Section 2: Personal and Professional Skills
5. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
6. Workplace Behavior
7. Management Techniques and Problem-Solving Skills for Health Unit Coordinating
Section 3: The Patient’s Electronic Record or Paper Chart
8. The Patient’s Electronic Medical Record or Chart
9. HUC Role in Processing of Electronic, Pre-Printed, and Handwritten Doctors’ Orders
10. Patient Activity, Patient Positioning, and Nursing Observation Orders
11. Nursing Intervention or Treatment Orders
12. Nutritional Care Orders
13. Medication Orders
14. Laboratory Orders
15. Diagnostic Imaging Orders
16. Other Diagnostic Studies
17. Treatment Orders
18. Miscellaneous Orders
Section 4: Health Unit Coordinator Procedures
19. Admission, Preoperative, and Postoperative Procedures
20. Discharge, Transfer, and Postmortem Procedures
21. Reports, Infection Control, Emergencies, and Special Services
Section 5: Introduction to Anatomical Structures, Medical Terms, and Illnesses
22. Medical Terminology, Basic Human Structure, Diseases, and Disorders
Appendix A: Physicians’ Order Sheets
Appendix B: Generic Hospital Forms and Examples of Computer Screens that May Be Used as Ordering Requisitions When Computers are Not Available
Appendix C: The Clinical Evaluation Record
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