Respiratory Care Exam Review
Respiratory Care Exam Review,
Edition 4
By Gary Persing, BS, RRT

Publication Date: 02 Apr 2015

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Respiratory Care Exam Review: Review for the Entry Level and Advanced Exams, 3rd Edition, readies students with review materials for both the CRT and RRT exams! The material is presented in an outline format for efficient studying with special boxes included in the chapter to highlight important information that is often included in the exam. The accompanying Evolve Web site provides practice exams for both the advanced and entry level exams to familiarize test-takers with the computerized exam format. Clinical simulations for the RRT are also included to give students the opportunity to practice this very difficult portion of the registry exam. New content has been added to the 3rd edition, including the latest updates to the NBRC content outlines implemented in 2009 and 2010. Be fully prepared with this comprehensive text!

Key Features

  • UNIQUE! Clinical simulations on the Evolve companion site reflect the new quantity of simulations (20) and the newly revised length of these simulations on the actual 2015 Clinical Simulation Exam (CSE).
  • Rationales are provided on the Evolve companion site for every question in the practice exam along with the NBRC code for the difficulty level of the question (recall, application, analysis).
  • UNIQUE! Exam notes are highlighted in special boxes to help you streamline your time better by identifying content specific to the credentialing exam.
  • A practice exam reflecting the new TM-CE is included in the back of the text with the answer key and rationales provided on Evolve.
  • Pre-tests with several multiple-choice questions are formatted like those found on the NBRC TM-CE and begin each chapter to help you determine a base of knowledge and content areas of strength and weakness before studying the chapter.
  • Computerized practice exam on the Evolve companion site available in both study (untimed) and exam (timed) modes to provide an additional opportunity to practice and experience the actual NBRC testing environment in a computerized format.
  • Experienced and test-savvy author, Gary Persing, ensures that critical NBRC TM-CE content is covered thoroughly and accurately.
  • Comprehensive, yet straightforward outline format correlates with the updated 2015 NBRC Detailed Content Outline and exam matrix to keep content current.
  • Open-ended post-chapter study questions end each chapter to reinforce information and help you retain the material.

New Features

  • NEW! One Therapist Multiple Choice Exam (TM-CE) practice test aligns with the new 2015 NBRC written exam.
  • NEW! Revised resources on Evolve companion site include the following new features:
    • HTML5 formatting for greater flexibility among platforms
    • 9 additional clinical simulations (for a total of 20) with shortened sections to align with the new 2015 NBRC Clinical Simulation Exam (in both study mode and exam mode)
    • One Therapist Multiple Choice Exam (TM-CE) practice exam for both levels of credentialing to closely align with the new testing format
    • Equation tips providing special hints or instructions for common equations
    • Standard normal range guide featuring standard values of various parameters used in respiratory care assessment.

  • NEW! Additional analysis-type questions have been added to the Pre- and Post-Chapter study questions to align with the changes in the matrix content outlines.
About the author
By Gary Persing, BS, RRT, Program Director, Respiratory Therapy Program, Tulsa Community College, Tulsa, OK
Table of Contents
1. Oxygen and Medical Gas Therapy
2. Humidity and Aerosol
3. Assessment of the Cardiopulmonary Patient
4. Management of the Airway
5. Special Respiratory Care Procedures
6. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Techniques
7. Hyperinflation Therapy
8. Bronchopulmonary Hygiene Techniques
9. Cardiac Monitoring
10. ABG Interpretation
11. Ventilator Management
12. Disorders of the Respiratory System
13. Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care
14. Respiratory Medications
15. Respiratory Home Care
16. Pulmonary Function Testing
17. Equipment Decontamination and Infection Control
Practice Test for Therapist Multiple Choice Exam (includes scoring breakdown)
Pre-Test Answers and Rationales
Post-Chapter Study Questions Answers and Rationales
Commonly Used Equations
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Page Count: 256
Illustrations: Approx. 155 illustrations
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