Learning Veterinary Terminology

Learning Veterinary Terminology Edition 2

Editors: By Douglas F. McBride, DVM
ISBN: 9780323013291
Publication Date : Aug 14, 2001
Page Count: 546
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This new edition uniquely integrates text discussions with learning activities, including fill-in-the-blank, puzzle, and matching exercises. Newly updated to reflect the latest terminology, this best-selling text now features numerous new and revised pedagogical features that make it an excellent resource both in the classroom and for self-study. Brand-new additions include several new appendices, new anatomical drawings, and a more extensive index. Many sections have been completely rewritten for consistency and greater reader comprehension, and review sections now include more thought-provoking questions and multiple-choice tests.
About the Editor
By Douglas F. McBride, DVM, Former Director, Veterinary Technology Program, LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City, New York, NY
Table of Contents
An Introduction to Veterinary Terminology
Building a Veterinary Vocabulary
Adding to the Foundation
Completing the Foundation
Understanding the Animal Body and Its Structure
Skeletal System: The Framework of the Body
The Muscular System: The Moving Force
The Integumentary System: The Skin and its Accessory Structures
The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems: The Transports of the Body
Respiratory System
Gastrointestinal Tract
The Genitourinary System: Animal Reproduction and the Processing of Liquid Wastes
The Endocrine System: The Chemical Stimulators
The Nervous System: The Central Processing Unit
The Special Senses: The Sources of Information
The Immune System: The Defenders of the Body
Dogs and Cats
Equine Industry
Cattle Industry
Swine Industry
Small Ruminants
Rodents, Rabbits, and Laboratory Animal Science
Exotic Animals
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