Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents
Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents,
Edition 7
By Jane Case-Smith, EdD, OTR/L, FAOTA

Publication Date: 19 Dec 2014

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Focusing on children from infancy to adolescence, Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents, 7th Edition provides comprehensive, full-color coverage of pediatric conditions and treatment techniques in all settings. Its emphasis on evidence-based practice includes updated references, research notes, and explanations of the evidentiary basis for specific interventions. Coverage of new research and theories, new techniques, and current trends, with additional case studies, keeps students in step with the latest advances in the field. Now with new content on adolescents to reflect changes in the OT curriculum and in OT practice, this text is the Number One book in pediatric occupational therapy.

Key Features

  • Case studies help you apply concepts to actual situations you may encounter in practice.
  • Research Notes boxes and evidence-based summary tables help you interpret evidence and strengthen your clinical decision-making skills.
  • Learning resources on Evolve include video clips, review activities, and additional case studies.
  • Learning objectives indicate what you will be learning in each chapter and serve as checkpoints in studying for examinations.
  • A glossary makes it easy to look up key terms.

New Features

  • NEW video clips and case studies on the Evolve website demonstrate important concepts and rehabilitation techniques.
  • NEW Autism Spectrum Disorder chapter contains important information for OTs not addressed in other texts.
  • NEW Neuromotor: Cerebral Palsy chapter addresses the most prevalent cause of motor dysfunction in children.
  • NEW Adolescent Development chapter helps you manage the special needs of teenagers and young adults.
  • NEW contemporary design includes full-color photos and illustrations.
  • UPDATED content and references ensure you have access to the comprehensive, research-based information that will guide you in making optimal decisions in practice.
About the author
By Jane Case-Smith, EdD, OTR/L, FAOTA, Professor, Division of Occupational Therapy, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA
Table of Contents

Section I: Foundational Knowledge for Occupational Therapy for Children
1. An Overview of Occupational Therapy for Children
2. Foundations and Practice Models for Occupational Therapy with Children
3. Development of Childhood Occupations
4. Adolescent Development: Transitioning from Child to Adult  NEW!
5. Working with Families
6. Use of Standardized Tests in Pediatric Practice

Section II: Occupational Therapy Intervention: Performance Areas
7. Motor Control/Motor Learning
8. Hand Function Evaluation and Intervention
9. Sensory Integration
10. Cognitive Interventions for Children
11. Psychosocial Issues Affecting Social Participation
12. Social Participation: Older Children and Youth
13. Interventions and Strategies for Challenging Behaviors
14. Feeding Intervention
15. Activities of Daily Living and Sleep and Rest
16. Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, Driving, and Community Participation
17. Play
18. Prewriting and Handwriting Skills
19. Influencing Participation through Assistive Technology and Universal Access
20. Mobility

Section III: Areas of Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services
21. Overview of the NICU and Developmental Care
22. Early Intervention
23. School-based Occupational Therapy
24. Hospital and Pediatric Rehabilitation Services
25. Transition to Adulthood
26. Intervention for Children who have Visual Impairment
27. Autism Spectrum Disorder  NEW!
28. Neuromotor: Cerebral Palsy  NEW!
29. Pediatric Hand Therapy
30. Trauma-Induced Conditions

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Page Count: 886
Illustrations: Approx. 800 illustrations (800 in full color)
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