Mosby's Nursing Drug Cards

Mosby's Nursing Drug Cards Edition 24

Editors: By Kathleen Jo Gutierrez, PhD, RN, BC-ANP, BC-CNS, Patricia A. Nutz, RN, MSN, MEd and Joseph A. Albanese, BS in Pharmacology, MS, PhD
ISBN: 9780323416382
Publication Date : Apr 27, 2018
Page Count: 996
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Get a head-start to becoming a pharmacology expert! Mosby's Nursing Drug Cards, 24th Edition is the ideal, pocket-sized drug information reference with over 400 sturdy cards containing guidelines for 700+ generic and 600 brand-name drugs. Each card lists the most up-to-date nursing information, including descriptions, use(s), mechanism(s), pharmacokinetics, side/adverse effects, contraindications/precautions, interactions, dosing, and nursing management priorities. Best of all, these pre-made drug cards come ready-to-go for use in the classroom or during clinicals!

Key Features

  • Tall Man lettering of over 700 generic and 600 brand-name drugs provides one-stop access to the information most needed for clinical practice.
  • High-alert drugs and Black Box Warnings point out these need-to-know medications.
  • Portable 4x6-inch cards are smaller than most drug cards and fit easily into a pocket.
  • Alphabetic organization helps you find information quickly.
  • Consistent format features a drug’s generic name, pronunciation, category, pregnancy category, brand name, dosage forms, use, action, pharmacokinetics, side/adverse effects, contraindications, interactions, dosage, and nursing management priorities.
  • Nursing management priorities follow a nursing process format: assess, diagnose, implement, and evaluate.
  • Comprehensive index contains generic and trade names, drug classes and combination products.
  • Critical Thinking fill-in-the-blank card may be used on any drug to prompt students to think about the drug category, action, patient teaching, and more.
  • Drug interaction information includes subheadings for drug, food, and laboratory interactions.
  • Drug pronunciations are listed for each generic drug and drug category.
  • Common conversion formulas are found on the inside lid of the box.
  • Dosage calculation formulas are listed in the appendix.

New Features

  • NEW! 20 additional drugs and drug categories have been added to this edition to reflect the most recent FDA-approved drugs.
  • NEW! 100 new drug facts offer the latest information on dosage forms, new brand names, contraindications, side effects, actions, drug interactions, uses, and nursing management priorities.
  • NEW! Condensed category cards feature essential information to help you find what you need fast!
  • NEW! Separate coverage of the top 200 commonly used drugs gives you quick access to medications you may reference the most.
About the Editor
By Kathleen Jo Gutierrez, PhD, RN, BC-ANP, BC-CNS, Independent Practice, Littleton, CO; Associate Professor School of Nursing, University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO; Patricia A. Nutz, RN, MSN, MEd, Professional Nurse Educator, School of Nursing, Jameson Memorial Hospital, New Castle, PA and Joseph A. Albanese, BS in Pharmacology, MS, PhD, Professor Emeritus, College of Staten Island, City University of New York, Staten Island, NY
Table of Contents

Drug card explanation
Contributors and Reviewers
Trade Drugs Available in Canada
Critical Thinking Card
Category Cards
Drug Cards

A. Antagonists and Antidotes:  flumazenil
B. Antagonists and Antidotes:  naloxone
C. Drug Dosage Calculations
D. Look-alike/Sound-alike Drug Names
E. Nutritional Supplements
F. Management of Ingested Drug Overdose

Blank card