Using Maths in Health Sciences
Using Maths in Health Sciences,
Edition 1
By Chris Gunn, MA, TDCR

Publication Date: 22 May 2001

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This book places the emphasis on basic mathematical information and practical examples; provides an aide-memoire for people who only occasionally have to do calculations as part of their work; give reference charts; enables a member of health service staff to use a calculator accurately; gives health science students basic background information especially those who study physics as part of their training. Emphasis is mainly on physiotherapy and sport and manual therapies, though can also be used by nurses and radiographers.
About the author
By Chris Gunn, MA, TDCR
Table of Contents
Section 1: Basic statistics
Graphs. The range. Probability. Ranking sets of scores. Frequency distribution. The mean. The median. The mode. Measures of central tendency. Normal distribution. andard deviation. Pie charts. Bar charts. Histograms. Scattergrams. Correlation. Which statistical test? Sign test. Wilcoxon test. Simple chi-square test. Complex chi-square test. Mann-Whitney U test. t-Test for related samples. t-Test for unrelated samples. Statistical glossary.
Section 2: Practical exercises
Drug dosages. Diluting solutions. Drip infusion. Converting weight. Surface area. Body mass index. Power. Mechanical work. Speed. Velocity. Force-time graphs. Accelerated motion. Acceleration. Newton's law of motion. Dynamic equilibrium. Momentum. Moments. Force. Displacement. Torque. Coefficient of restitution. Sensitometry. Exposure factors.
Section 3: Facts and formulae
Checking your calculator. Order of working. Multiplication square. Place value. Decimals: multiplication and division. Circles. Similar triangles. Triangles. Gradient. Vectors. Indices. Roots. Fractions. Percentage. Ration. Equations: equals signs. Simultaneous equations. Logarithms. Calculus. Calculator glossary. Further reading.
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ISBN: 9780443070747
Page Count: 168
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