Fascial and Membrane Technique
Fascial and Membrane Technique,
Edition 1 A manual for comprehensive treatment of the connective tissue system
By Peter Schwind, Ph.D.

Publication Date: 06 Oct 2006

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The Fascial and Membrane Technique developed by Peter Schwind combines the fundamental thoughts from Ida Rolf´s Structural Integration with concepts of Osteopathy. With this a successful combination of form-stabilising and mobilising techniques has emerged. Due to this holistic approach the concept will appeal to all manual working therapists. The main emphasis of this book is on diagnostic and treatment of the breathing patterns manifest in the myofascial system; minimalistic as well as global application joint techniques; visceral techniques in the myofascial context; and special treatment techniques in the craniosacral area, eg for mandibular joint dysfunction, care of the upper jaw after implants and for the after effects of a whiplash injury.

Key Features

  • Includes comprehensive information on therapy from head to foot with descriptions of the anatomic correlations.
  • Clearly describes the theoretical and practical principles so difficult concepts are easily understandable.
  • Detailed, easily transposed instructions about treatments allow the reader to put the concepts into practice with ease.
  • Photographically documented movements show real examples of topics discussed.
About the author
By Peter Schwind, Ph.D., Münchner Gruppe, Munich, Germany; Advanced instructor, European Rolfing Association, Munich, Germany; Advanced instructor, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, USA
Table of Contents
1. Introduction

2. Basic principles

3. Principles of the treatment practice

4. Form related treatment techniques

5. Special joint techniques

6. Visceral techniques in the myofascial context

7. Treatment of the mandibular joint and the craniosacral system

8. Treatment of the fascial and membrane systems after whiplash injuries

9. Treatment after pregnancy and birth

Concluding remarks

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ISBN: 9780443102196
Page Count: 244
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