Cardiology of the Horse

Cardiology of the Horse Edition 2

Editors: Edited by Celia Marr, BVMS, MVM, PhD, MRCVS and Mark Bowen, BVetMed, PhD, CertEM(IntMed), MRCVS
ISBN: 9780702028175
Publication Date : Nov 22, 2010
Page Count: 300
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  • GBP: £74.99

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Cardiology of the Horse is a multi-author, contemporary reference on equine cardiology. The first section reviews the physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology of the equine cardiovascular system. The second section describes diagnostic methods from basic to specialist examination skills and the third section addresses the investigation and management of common clinical problems using a problem-orientated approach. Suitable for students, general and specialist practitioners and teachers.

Key Features

An up-to-date account of current clinical practice in equine cardiology covering:

  • recent developments in research and practice
  • problem-orientated approaches helpful to both general and specialist practitioners
  • clinical management of specific groups from foals and racehorses to geriatric patients
  • cardiac problems related to exercise, anaesthesia and intensive care

New Features

  • A superb companion DVD of clinical cases with extensive footage combining theory and clinical practice:
    • echocardiograms
    • heart sounds and murmurs
    • ECGs
    • radiography
    • pathology
  • Extensive linking of text to DVD, integrating fundamental principles and diagnostic data with information on clinical management of specific problems.
About the Editor
Edited by Celia Marr, BVMS, MVM, PhD, MRCVS, Internal Medicine Clinician, Beaufort Cottage Equine Hospital, Newmarket and Mark Bowen, BVetMed, PhD, CertEM(IntMed), MRCVS, Associate Professor in Veterinary Internal Medicine, The University of Nottingham Associate Professor in Veterinary Internal Medicine
Book Reviews

"This much-antipated second edition of Cardiology of the Horse is certainly worth the wait!...This textbook provides valuable information, fabulous images and an opportunity for interactive learning for veterinary students, practitioners and specialists...Overall, this a splendid resource for veterinary students and general and specialist practitioners, and may be especially useful for those veterinarians studying towards for those veterinarians studying towards post-graduate qualifications."

Veterinary Practice, October 2011