The Concise Guide to Physiotherapy - Volume 1
The Concise Guide to Physiotherapy - Volume 1,
Edition 1 Assessment
Edited by Tim Ainslie, MSc, MCSP, MMACP

Publication Date: 24 May 2012

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This exciting new resource is designed to assist undergraduate physiotherapy students and new graduates in confidently assessing patients in a range of physiotherapy specialties outside of the ‘core’ areas of practice. Areas covered include paediatrics, geriatrics, mental health and rheumatology.

Valuable content is easily accessible in a small portable format which will be an invaluable reference during placements or practice. Each chapter provides a concise overview of the philosophy and the specific assessment processes for each of the 17 practice specialties.

A wealth of online learning resources are also available with the Guide, these include access to case studies, multiple-choice questions and a reference list for each chapter. In addition there is a bank of downloadable photographs and line drawings relating to each of the 17 chapters.

Used along with The Concise Guide to Physiotherapy: Volume 2 Treatment, Volume 1 Assessment will be an indispensable tool for any physiotherapist.

A blend of resources providing an insight into the ‘non core’ areas of practice, enabling the individual to prepare ahead or refresh knowledge in order to feel confident about approaching the assessment of patients in practice areas not previously encountered.

Key Features

  • Easy access to nuggets of information on 17 ‘non core’ speciality areas, including burns and plastics, learning disabilities and rehabilitation
  • A handy quick reference tool for both students and physiotherapists
  • Access to online resources including, reference lists, an image bank, 51 cases studies and over 300 MCQs!
About the author
Edited by Tim Ainslie, MSc, MCSP, MMACP, Senior Lecturer/Clinical Education Coordinator, Physiotherapy Programme, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Acute paediatrics

Chapter 2 Amputees

Chapter 3 Aquatic physiotherapy

Chapter 4 Burns and plastic surgery

Chapter 5 Community paediatrics

Chapter 6 Community physiotherapy

Chapter 7 Gerontology

Chapter 8 Learning disabilities

Chapter 9 Medicine

Chapter 10 Mental health

Chapter 11 Obstetrics and gynaecology

Chapter 12 Oncology and palliative care

Chapter 13 Pain management

Chapter 14 Rehabilitation

Chapter 15 Rheumatology

Chapter 16 Spinal cord injury

Chapter 17 Trauma orthopaedics


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