Master Dentistry
Master Dentistry,
Edition 3 Volume 2: Restorative Dentistry, Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
Edited by Peter Heasman, BDS MDS FDSRCPS PhD DRDRCS

Publication Date: 16 May 2013

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This highly successful series has been specially designed to explore readers’ knowledge through an effective process of understanding, learning and self-assessment. This approach allows students to identify their strengths, weaknesses and knowledge gaps and take rapid steps to correct any shortfalls and strengthen core knowledge.

Each chapter begins with an overview of the subject area while brief ‘Learning Objectives’ are listed at the start of each subsection. Lists are used to set out frameworks and to help the reader put facts into a rational sequence. Tables are used to link quite complex and detailed information whilst techniques used in various procedures are cited in boxes.

To ensure that the reader is meeting the required standard, the final section of each chapter enables a check on knowledge or understanding. Questions are designed to integrate knowledge from across different chapters and to focus on the decisions the student will have to make in a clinical situation.

This third edition of Master Dentistry addresses the restorative, paediatric and orthodontic aspects of dentistry and is particularly suitable for undergraduate students, vocational trainees and those preparing for post-graduate examinations such as the MJDF in the UK or international equivalent, and the ORE.

Key Features

    • Information presented in a style which facilitates easy recall for examination purposes and a ready understanding of the subject
    • Key facts are highlighted and principles of diagnosis and management emphasised
    • Gives the reader a 'feel for the subject' and details essential communication skills
    • Offers practical guidance on how to prepare for exams and make best use of the time available
    • Perfect for BDS exam preparation and candidates taking the MJDF, ORE or other post-graduate exams


New Features

      • Law & Ethics Chapter has been awarded second postgraduate prize in the Dental Protection/Schülke 2012 Premier Awards
      • Reflects changes with regards to registration examinations, the development of specialist lists and the Overseas Registration Examination
      • Fully revised self-assessment material provided in the form of MCQs, EMQs, case histories, short notes, data interpretation, viva questions and picture questions – all of which integrate knowledge from across different chapters and focus the reader on decisions they will take in a given clinical situation


    About the author
    Edited by Peter Heasman, BDS MDS FDSRCPS PhD DRDRCS, Professor of Periodontology, Newcastle University, UK
    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 – Periodontology

    Philip Preshaw and Peter Heasman

    Chapter 2 – Endontics

    Philip Lumley

    Chapter 3 – Conservative dentistry

    Stewart Barclay and Simon Stone

    Chapter 4 – Prosthodontics

    Craig Barclay

    Chapter 5 – Restorative management of dental implants

    Giles McCracken

    Chapter 6 – Conscious sedation in dentistry

    Nigel Robb

    Chapter 7 – Paediatric dentistry I

    Richard Welbury and Alison Cairns

    Chapter 8 – Paediatric dentistry II

    Richard Welbury and Alison Cairns

    Chapter 9 – Orthodontics I: development, assessment and treatment planning

    Declan Millet

    Chapter 10 – Orthodontics II: appliances and tooth movement

    Declan Millet

    Chapter 11 – Orthodontics III: management of occlusal problems

    Declan Millet

    Chapter 12 – Law and ethics

    Douglas Lovelock

    Book Reviews

    "This text manages to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of condensing the three large specialties of restorative dentistry, paediatric dentistry and orthodontics into a single compact tome. It achieves this feat by covering the basic undergraduate curriculum without labouring on contentious issues or excessively fine detail...This books applicability to those taking postgraduates examinations such as the MJDF or MFDS examinations is enhanced by the inclusion of additional, unexpected, chapters including implantology, conscious sedation and law and ethics, which are also useful for those general dental practitioners who may be looking to gain a basic grounding before embarking on additional training in these fields."
    British Dentistry Journal, January 2014

    The Master Dentistry series covers Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Radiology, Pathology, Oral Medicine, Restorative, Paediatrics and Orthodontics. The books provide a good overview of the subject areas and I found them particularly useful during exam times. The text is appropriately supplemented with great diagrams and the layout of the books makes all the subject areas easy to access and find. At the end of each chapter there are self-assessment questions which were really useful and would aid any student’s learning. Each chapter has a helpful overview and learning objectives are provided throughout each chapter. The books give a great summary of all the subject areas they cover ……. I used them quite often if I didn't understand a certain part of a lecture as the wording is easy to understand and is uncomplicated. They're a must for any dental student’s bookshelf. review

    Master Dentistry is a very good book for all students who aim to qualify in dentistry. review
    Bought this book and its counterpart, Volume 2, in my 5th yr of dentistry at Liverpool and found them to offer a very good overview of the degree course. Definitely worth buying for finals revision and in retrospect would've been useful throughout all 5 years of my degree. review


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    ISBN: 9780702045974
    Page Count: 424
    Illustrations: Approx. 133 illustrations (86 in full color)
    Retail Price: £29.99