Nursing Calculations
Nursing Calculations,
Edition 9
By John D. Gatford and Nicole Phillips, DipAppSci(Nsg) BN GDipAdvNsg(Educ) MNS PhD MRCNA

Publication Date: 15 July 2016

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This internationally renowned guide to basic arithmetic for nursing students has been fully revised and updated for a new generation of readers. Now entering its ninth edition – with over 200,000 copies sold worldwide – this popular and friendly volume has been designed to make medication calculations straightforward and easy to perform in a variety of settings.

Written in response to nurse educators, Nursing Calculations features an initial self-testing chapter to help readers to identify and address areas of difficulty before moving on to numerous practical examples. Chapters then cover the core areas of clinical practice including calculations relating to oral medications (including both tablets and liquid form), injections, intravenous infusions and intravenously administered medication, and paediatric specific medication. Throughout the book, emphasis is placed on giving confidence to the reader by explaining in a step-by-step manner how the correct answer is derived together with a wide range of practice questions and later revision opportunities.

This edition comes with a quick-reference card to fit in the pocket to remind readers of essential formulae and an additional on-line question bank to allow readers to practice their calculations on the move!

Nursing Calculations will be perfect for student nurses and midwives at different levels in a variety of courses, ‘Return to Practice’ students, student paramedics and anyone involved with medication administration in the healthcare setting.

Key Features

  • Over 200,000 copies sold since publication!
  • Initial self-testing chapter allows readers to identify and address areas of difficulty before moving onto practical examples
  • ‘Important Boxes’ highlight potential pitfalls for the reader
  • Special section on paediatrics covers medication calculations relating to body weight and body surface area
  • Contains glossary and useful abbreviations
  • Brings together basic math skills and clinical examples to prepare readers for real life drug calculations
  • Quick-reference card fits in the pocket and remind readers of essential formulae

New Features

    • Questions have been revised and updated when necessary to reflect current practice
    • New material includes the use of medication charts in questions that involve medication labels
    • Additional worked examples facilitate understanding of the 24-hour clock
    • Contains a new revision chapter to help consolidate learning


About the author
By John D. Gatford, Mathematics teacher, Melbourne, Australia and Nicole Phillips, DipAppSci(Nsg) BN GDipAdvNsg(Educ) MNS PhD MRCNA, Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia
Table of Contents

Formulae used in this book

1 A review of relevant calculations

2 Dosages of oral medications

3 Dosages of medications for injection

4 Intravenous infusion

5 Paediatric dosages

6 Revision of nursing calculations

7 Answers


Book details
ISBN: 9780702062315
Page Count: 10
Retail Price: £9.99