Sobotta Dissection Atlas

Sobotta Dissection Atlas Bilingual Edition.Edition 3

Editors: Edited by Friedrich Paulsen and Jens Waschke
ISBN: 9780702067587
Publication Date : May 25, 2018
Page Count: 274
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The dissection lab is due? Then the new updated Sobotta Dissection Atlas, updated with images from the Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy Ed. 16, is a must-have! 

This convenient hands-on atlas compiles all essential anatomic images necessary for successful dissection.
It's spiral binding and firm, wipeable pages make the Dissection Atlas the ideal companion for the dissection lab.

 The Sobotta Dissection Atlas combines itself with all other human anatomy atlases or lecture notes with ease.
It's particularly detailed and realistic images make it easy to clearly recognise anatomic structures and, therefore, to master hands-on situations in the dissection lab.

Ideally equipped for dissection labs:

Step-by-Step: Structured along body regions, the anatomic structures are bundled by chapter following the order in your course 
Layer-by-Layer: Successive images allow effortless understanding of every single step in the dissection process 
Added Bonus: For those who already study with the Sobotta Atlas: The chapter division is consistent with that of the three-volume Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy Ed.16, which facilitates consulting your Atlas for reinforced learning.

Bilingual Edition German - English with Latin Nomenclature

About the Editor
Edited by Friedrich Paulsen and Jens Waschke
Table of Contents

1) Surface Anatomy

2) Trunk

3) Upper Extremity

4) Lower Extremity

5) Thoracic Viscera

6) Abdominal Viscera

7) Retroperitoneal Space and Pelvis

8) Head

9) Eye

10) Ear

11) Neck

12) Brain and Spinal Cord