Aromatherapy for Health Professionals
Aromatherapy for Health Professionals,
Edition 5
Edited by Shirley Price, Cert Ed, FISPA, MIFA, FIAM, Len Price, Cert Ed MIT(Trichology), FISPA, FIAM and Penny Price

Publication Date: 16 Dec 2019

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Now entering its 5th edition Aromatherapy for Health Professionals is an essential read for any professional wishing to practice aromatherapy in a clinical setting. It covers the theory and practice of essential oil science and the application of aromatherapy for specific conditions, giving an evidence based and in-depth presentation of the subject. Written by a highly experienced team of aromatherapists it is an authoritative guide for those wishing to use essential oils in a modern health care setting.

Key Features

  • Contains an A-Z of essential oils including their chemistry and properties, allowing therapists to select the most effective oils for use in a clinical situation.
  • Includes a table giving the appropriate essential oils for different health conditions
  • Includes case studies to help the reader understand how to put the theory into practice.
  • The text is fully referenced and evidence based for use in a clinical setting.

About the author
Edited by Shirley Price, Cert Ed, FISPA, MIFA, FIAM, Practitioner and Lecturer in Aromatherapy, Hinkley, Leicestershire, UK; Len Price, Cert Ed MIT(Trichology), FISPA, FIAM, Lecturer in Aromatherapy, Hinkley, Leicestershire, UK and Penny Price, Department of Biology, University of California-San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA
Table of Contents

SECTION 1: Essential oil science

1. The genesis of essential oils

2. Chemistry of essential oils

3. (Part I) Quality and safety

(Part II) Power and hazards

4. Traditional use, research and therapeutic properties of essential oils

SECTION 2: The foundations of practice

5. Hydrolats – the essential waters

6. How essential oils enter the body

7. Aromas, mind and body

8. Touch and massage

9. Carrier oils

10. Clinical aromatherapy

SECTION 3: Aromatherapy in context

11. Stress, depression and critical care

12. Pregnancy and childbirth

13. Learning difficulties and autism

14. Care of the elderly

15. Cancer and palliative care

16. Bereavement


Appendix A Essential Oils for General Use in Healthcare Settings

Appendix B General Properties of Essential Oils

Appendix C Indications for Uses of Essential Oils

Appendix D Essential Oils to be Used with Caution

Appendix E Safety: a Summary

Appendix F Essential Oil: Definition for Aromatherapeutic Purposes

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