Ross & Wilson Pocket Reference Guide to Anatomy and Physiology
Ross & Wilson Pocket Reference Guide to Anatomy and Physiology,
Edition 1
By Anne Muller

Publication Date: 14 Jan 2019

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The Ross & Wilson Pocket Reference Guide to Anatomy and Physiology is an exciting new resource which offers over 250 anatomical entries carefully selected for their biological importance and/or clinical relevance. Each piece of carefully crafted artwork is accompanied by helpful summary notes describing key aspects of the relevant anatomy, physiology and clinical application to aid readers with their understanding of the human body. The volume also comes with a helpful online self-assessment program which presents a range of interactive exercises designed to stimulate critical thinking and information recall.

Perfect for learning and consolidating knowledge while ‘on the go’, Ross & Wilson Pocket Reference Guide to Anatomy and Physiology will be ideal for students of nursing and allied health professions, paramedical science, operating department practice, complementary therapy and massage therapy, as well as trainee Health Care Assistants and those studying A’ level or BTEC (or equivalent) human biology.

Key Features

  • Summarizes essential facts from the world’s favourite human biology textbook!
  • Presents over 250 key anatomical structures together with ‘quick reference’ revision notes regarding their structure, function and clinical relevance
  • Straightforward language and user-friendly approach provides a useful, up-to-date aide-memoire in a helpful, easy-to-carry format
  • Helpful website provides a range of self-assessment exercises on anatomy and physiology to help consolidate learning
About the author
By Anne Muller, Nurse, Senior Health Executive, Doctor of Educational Sciences and Instructor at the Health Management Training Institute, Ile-de-France, France
Table of Contents


The relations between the pulmonary and systemic circulations / The inner aspect of a vein / The location of the heart in the thorax / Organs in relation to the heart / Layers of the wall of the heart / Inner aspect of the heart / The mitral valve / Direction of blood flow inside the heart / Section of the aorta opened to show the semilunar cusps of the aortic valve / The flow of blood inside the heart and the systemic and pulmonary circulations / The coronary arteries / The conducting system of the heart / The skeletal muscle pump / The main sites for taking the pulse / The aorta and the main arteries of the limbs / The venae cavae and the main veins of the limbs / The aorta and its main branches / The venae cavae and their main tributaries / The main arteries of the left side of the head and neck / The arteries forming the cerebral arterial circle (the circle of Willis) and its main branches to the brain / The right vertebral artery / The veins of the left side of the head and neck / The main arteries of the right arm / The main veins of the right arm / The coeliac artery with its branches and the inferior phrenic arteries / The superior and inferior mesenteric arteries and their branches / The venous drainage of the abdominal organs and the formation of the portal vein / The portal vein: its origin and termination / The femoral artery and its main branches / The popliteal artery and its main branches / The superficial veins of the lower limb / The relation of the placenta to the uterine wall


The main constituents of the lymphatic system / The origin of a lymphatic capillary / Section through a lymphatic vessel opened to show the cusps / Section through a lymph node / Some lymph nodes of the face and neck / The spleen / Section through the spleen / The adult thymus and adjacent structures


The structure of neuron / The arrangement of the myelin sheath / Diagram of a synapse / Transverse section through a peripheral nerve showing its protective coats / Frontal section showing the meninges covering the brain and the spinal cord / The location of the cerebral ventricles: left lateral phantom view on the surface of the brain / Frontal section of the cranium / Median section through the brain showing its main components / The lobes and the main sulci of the cerebral hemispheres / Frontal section of the brain / The left cerebral hemisphere and its main functional areas / The pathways of the motor neurons - upper and lower motor neurons / Areas of the cerebral cortex involved in superior mental activities / The cerebellum and associated structures / The meninges covering the spinal cord / Transverse sections of the spinal canal showing the epidural space / The spinal cord and the spinal nerves / Transverse section of the spinal cord showing the nerve roots on one side / One of the sensory pathways from the skin to the cerebral hemispheres / The patellar (knee-jerk) reflex: left side/ The relations between the sympathetic nervous system and the mixed spinal nerves / The meninges covering the spinal cord, the spinal nerves and their plexuses / The cervical plexus / The main nerves of the upper limb / Distribution and origin of the cutaneous nerves of the upper limb / The lumbosacral and coccygeal plexuses / The main nerves of the lower limb / Distribution and origin of the cutaneous nerves of the lower limb / Cranial nerves and associated structures on the inferior aspect of the brain / Cutaneous distribution of the main branches of the right trigeminal nerve / Location of the vagus nerve in the thorax / The sympathetic nervous system: its main targets and its stimulatory effects / The parasympathetic nervous system: its main targets and its stimulatory effects


The components of the ear / The auditory ossicles / The internal ear / Transverse section of the cochlea showing the spiral organ (of Corti) / The transmission of sound waves / Cross-section of the eye / The choroid, the ciliary body and the iris / The lens and its suspensory ligament: frontal view / Blown-up section of the retina / The optic nerves and their pathways / Section of the eye showing the focusing of light rays on the retina / Accommodation: how the ciliary muscle alters the shape of the lens / The components of the visual field: monocular and binocular vision / The extrinsic ocular muscles / Section of the eye and its adnexal structures / The lacrimal apparatus / The sense of smell / The structure of the taste-buds


The locations of the endocrine glands / Median section showing the location of the pituitary gland and associated structures / The pituitary gland / Location of the thyroid gland and adjacent structures / Location of the parathyroid glands and adjacent structures


The structures associated with the respiratory system / The constituent structures of the nasal septum / The lateral wall of the right nasal cavity / View of the passage of air from nose to larynx / Larynx / The cricoid cartilage / The vocal cords / Extreme positions of the vocal cords in abduction (open) / Extreme positions of the vocal cords in adduction (closed) / The trachea and some adjacent structures / The relations between the trachea and the oesophagus / The cells lining the trachea / Organs related to the lungs / The pulmonary lobes and the blood vessels/airways of each lobe / The relations of the pleura and of the lungs / The flow of blood between heart and lungs / The lower airways / The alveoli and their capillary plexuses / The alveoli and their capillary plexuses / The intercostal muscles and the bones of the thorax / The diaphragm / Changes in the size of the thorax during breathing / Changes in the size of the thorax during breathing - inspiratory phase / Changes in the size of the thorax during breathing - expiratory phase / Intrapulmonary gas exchange / Intra-tissular gas exchange / Intrapulmonary gas exchange intratissular gas exchange / Some structures involved in the control of breathing


The alimentary system / General structure of the alimentary system / The peritoneal cavity, the abdominal organs of the alimentary system and the pelvic organs / The greater omentum / Peristaltic movement of a bolus / The cylindrical epithelium with its goblet cells / Structures visible with the mouth wide open / Inferior surface of the tongue / The permanent teeth and the bones of the jaw / The roof of the mouth / Section of a tooth / The salivary glands / The oesophagus and some adjacent structures / The muscles of mastication / Section of the face and neck showing the location of the structures during swallowing / The stomach and adjacent structures / Longitudinal section of the stomach / The muscular coat of the stomach wall / The microstructure of the gastric mucosa showing the gastric glands / The duodenum and adjacent structures / The jejunum, the ileum and adjacent structures / The intestinal villi / Nutrient absorption by the intestinal villi / Mean volumes of fluids ingested, secreted, absorbed and excreted daily by the alimentary tract / The segments of the large intestine and their location / The interior of the caecum / Arrangement of the muscle fibres of the colon, rectum and anus / The pancreas in relation to the duodenum and the biliary tract / The liver / A hepatic lobule / Direction of the flow of bile from liver to duodenum


The components of the urinary system (without the urethra) and some adjacent structures / Anterior view of the kidneys, showing their sites of contact with adjacent structures / Longitudinal section of the right kidney / A nephron and its associated blood vessels / The serial arrangement of the blood vessels in the kidney / Glomerular filtration / The glomerulus and the glomerular capsule / The ureters and their relations to the kidneys and the bladder / The location of the ureter where it goes through the bladder wall / Summary of the three stages of urine formation / The pelvic organs adjacent to the bladder and the urethra in women / The pelvic organs adjacent to the bladder and the urethra in men / Section of the bladder showing the trigone / Reflex control of micturition when a conscious effort fails to arrest the reflex to urinate / Control of micturition after bladder control is established


The main structures of the skin / The sensory nerves of the dermis / The nail


A long bone - partially sectioned / Sections of a flat bone and of an irregular bone / Microstructure of compact bone / Microstructure of spongy bone / Developmental stages of a long bone / Developmental stages of a long bone / Stages of bone repair / The skeleton / The cranial bones and their sutures (joints) / The bones of the cranial base and of the cranial fossae / The right temporal bone / The occipital bone / The sphenoid bone / The right nasal cavity / The facial bones / The left mandible / The cranium with its fontanelles and its sutures / The vertebral column / A lumbar vertebra showing the features of a typical vertebra / A cervical vertebra showing its typical features / The atlas, the first cervical vertebra / The axis, the second cervical vertebra / The atlas and the axis in place together with the transverse ligament / A thoracic vertebra / The sacrum and the coccyx / Section of the vertebral column showing the ligaments, the intervertebral discs and the intervertebral foramina / The thoracic cage / The sternum and its attachment sites / A typical rib / The right clavicle / The right scapula / The right humerus / The right radius and ulna with the interosseous membrane / The bones of the right hand, wrist and fingers / The right hip bone / The components of the hip bone and the upper part of the left femur / The left femur / The left tibia and left fibula with the interosseous membrane / The bones of the left foot / The tendons and ligaments supporting the arches of the left foot / A fibrous or fixed cranial joint / A cartilaginous joint between the bodies of adjacent vertebrae / The basic structure of a synovial joint / The right shoulder joint / The right elbow and the proximal radio-ulnar joints / The proximal radio-ulnar joint / Section of the elbow joint partially flexed / The right wrist and distal radio-ulnar joint / The wrist and the distal radio-ulnar joint / The carpal tunnel and the synovial sheaths at the wrist and in the hand / The left hip joint / The left knee joint / The left ankle joint / The main muscles of the right side of the face, head and neck / The main muscles of the right side of the back / The muscles of the anterior abdominal wall / The deep muscles of the posterior abdominal wall / Transverse section of the muscles and aponeuroses of the anterior abdominal wall / The pelvic floor muscles in women / The main muscles that mobilise the joints of the upper limb / The main muscles of the left lower limb


The female external genitalia / Lateral view of the intra-pelvic female genitalia and related structures / The intra-pelvic female genitalia / The layers of the uterine wall / The main suspensory ligaments of the uterus / Section of an ovary showing the developmental stages of an ovarian follicle / The structure of the breast / The male reproductive organs and adjacent structures / The testis / Section of the prostate and of associated reproductive structures / The penis / Transverse section of the penis / Section of the male reproductive organs

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