Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy
Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy,
Edition 2 A Clinical Manual
By Joanne Watchie, MA, PT, CCS

Publication Date: 12 Oct 2009

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Quick and convenient, this resource provides a clinical overview of a wide variety of diseases and disorders that affect the cardiovascular system and lungs and the physical therapy management of patients with them. It integrates key concepts of pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, diagnostic tests and laboratory information and findings with clinically important medical and surgical interventions and pharmacologic therapies — then applies the material to physical therapy evaluation and treatment. This edition adds an introductory chapter on the oxygen transport pathway, the effects of dysfunction along the pathway, and the implications for physical therapy.

Key Features

  • Offers a complete overview including basic cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology, the pathophysiology of commonly encountered cardiac and pulmonary disorders, diagnostic tests and procedures, therapeutic interventions, pharmacology, physical therapy evaluation and treatment, and clinical laboratory values and profiles.
  • Uses a bulleted format to make finding information quick and easy.
  • Lists the latest drugs used for the treatment of cardiopulmonary disorders.
  • Includes information on laboratory medicine and pediatrics to help you apply cardiopulmonary principles to practice.

New Features

  • Follows the oxygen transport pathway — the delivery, uptake and, extrication of oxygen as it actually functions in a clinical setting — providing a logical framework for understanding cardiopulmonary concepts.
  • Explains the implications of defects in the pathway — essential considerations for clinical practice.
  • Includes a comprehensive listing of common cardiopulmonary diseases, as well as a number of other diseases that are associated with cardiopulmonary dysfunction.
  • Provides new and updated illustrations that depict common pathologies such as the pathophysiology of left ventricular diastolic and systolic dysfunction, volume versus pressure overload, and dilated versus hypertrophies versus restrictive cardiomyophathies.
  • Includes descriptions of important interventions such as lung volume reduction surgery and lung transplantation.
  • Adds a new section on simple anthropometric measurements for determining obesity, with information on this demographic trend and how it impacts assessment.
About the author
By Joanne Watchie, MA, PT, CCS
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Pulmonology
3. Cardiology
4. Cardiopulmonary Pathology
5. Pharmacology
6. Cardiopulmonary Assessment
7. Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Interventions
8. Pediatrics
9. Laboratory Medicine

Appendix 1

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Page Count: 448
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