Mastering the Medical Long Case
Mastering the Medical Long Case,
Edition 2
By Rohan Jayasinghe, MBBS, Sydney MSpM, PhD, FRACP

Publication Date: 30 Mar 2009

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The book is to assist medical students and trainee doctors who are preparing to take clinical examinations that include a long case. There has been a recent review of medical school curricula and all medical schools have recognised the “Long Case¿ as an integral part of the learning and examination process of the medical program. The book explains the scientific and clinical basis of long case assessment and how long case mastery provides the doctor with the confidence and aptitude to practice medicine from clinical assessment to definitive treatment. The book deals with the different subspecialty sections of internal medicine.
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By Rohan Jayasinghe, MBBS, Sydney MSpM, PhD, FRACP, Director of Cardiac Services, Cardiac Catheterization & Coronary Care
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