The Clinical Placement
The Clinical Placement,
Edition 4 An Essential Guide for Nursing Students
By Tracy Levett-Jones, RN, BN, MEd&Work, PhD, Kerry Reid-Searl, RN, RM, BHlthSc(Nurs), MClinEd, PhD and Sharon Bourgeois, RN, OTCert, BA, MA, MEd, PhD

Publication Date: 26 June 2018

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With a focus on preparation, expectations and how to think, act and communicate, The Clinical Placement: An essential guide for nursing students, 4th edition, is a valuable guide and companion for nursing students undertaking clinical placements. Written by Tracy Levett-Jones, Kerry Reid-Searl and Sharon Bourgeois, this ‘must read’ book provides insights into the real world of practice, practical strategies for dealing with difficult and challenging situations, and a wealth of ideas to maximise learning and professional growth.

The Clinical Placement is supported by an engaging series of videos. These ‘Insights from Experts’ feature nurses from a diverse range of clinical practice areas who share insights, advice, challenges and opportunities for learning in a range of clinical settings.

Key Features

Evolve resources include:

  • An introductory video by Tracy Levett-Jones
  • ‘Insights from Experts’ videos with registered nurses
  • An eBook included with print purchase.

New Features

  • NEW author team, Tracy Levett-Jones and Kerry Reid-Searl
  • NEW chapter 6 featuring:

- Reflection questions aligned to the 12 ‘Insights from experts’ videos on evolve

- ‘Need to know quick tips’ and ‘Challenges you may encounter’ for each clinical area

  • NEW introductory video from Tracy Levett-Jones discussing the challenges of clinical placement and the learning opportunity it provides.
About the author
By Tracy Levett-Jones, RN, BN, MEd&Work, PhD, Professor of Nursing Education, Discipline Lead – Nursing Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney, Australia ; Kerry Reid-Searl, RN, RM, BHlthSc(Nurs), MClinEd, PhD, Professor of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences, CQUniversity, Australia and Sharon Bourgeois, RN, OTCert, BA, MA, MEd, PhD, Honorary Research Fellow, School of Nursing, University of Wollongong, Australia
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Rules of Engagement
- Introduction
- Know the Lie of the Land
- The Clinical Placement – What It Is and Why It Matters
- Person-Centred Care
- Models of Care
- Competent Practice
- Working Within Your Scope of Practice
- Supervision and Support
- Working Hard to Belong
- First Impressions Last
- Mandatory Requirements for Clinical Placements
- The Roles and Responsibilities of the Interprofessional Healthcare Team
- References

Chapter 2: Great Expectations
- Introduction
- Patients’ Expectations
- Clinicians’ Expectations
- Managers’ Expectations
- Professional Expectations
- Legal Requirements
- Nursing Students’ Expectations
- Speak Up, Speak Out
- Don’t Take Things Personally
- Compliance and Compromise
- Exercise Your Rights
- References

Chapter 3: How You Act
- Introduction
- Cultural Competence
- Patient Safety
- Clinical Governance
- Evidence-Based Practice
- Advocacy
- Managing Conflict
- Dealing with Horizontal Violence
- Dealing with Sexual Harassment
- Self-Care
- Putting Work Ahead of Your Studies
- Clinical Placements in Organisations Where You Are Employed
- Clinical Placements at Distant Locations
- Clinical Learning Objectives
- Student Assessment
- Giving and Receiving Gifts
- Visitors During Clinical Placements
- Using Supplies From the Healthcare Organisation
- Punctuality and Reliability
- References

Chapter 4: How You Think And Feel
- Introduction
- Empathic Nursing Practice
- Reflective Practice
- Reality Check and Seeing Feedback
- Emotional Intelligence
- Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning
- Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing
- Crossing the Line
- References

Chapter 5: How You Communicate
- Introduction
- Therapeutic Communication
- Interprofessional and Intraprofessional Communication
- Communicating as a Professional Nurse
- Diversity and Its Impact on Clinical Communication
- Using Professional Language
- Documentation and Legal Issues
- Patient Handover
- Telephones and the Internet
- Use of Social Media
- Self-Disclosure
- Receiving and Providing Effective Feedback
- References

Chapter 6: Insights From Experts
- Introduction
- Intensive Care Nursing
- Paediatric Nursing
- Prison Nursing
- Trauma Nursing
- Medical Surgical Nursing
- Older Person Nursing
- Community Nursing
- Drug and Alcohol Nursing
- Mental Health Nursing
- Practice Nursing
- Palliative Care
- Clinical Research in Nursing

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