The Geometrical Optics Workbook
The Geometrical Optics Workbook,
Edition 1
By David S. Loshin, OD, PhD

Publication Date: 19 June 1991

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This workbook is designed to supplement optics textbooks and covers all the traditional topics of geometrical optics. Terms, equations, definitions, and concepts are discussed briefly and explained through a series of problems that are worked out in a step-by-step manner which simplifies the problem-solving process. Additional practice problems are provided at the end of each chapter.
About the author
By David S. Loshin, OD, PhD, Dean and Professor of Optometry, College of Optometry, Nova Southeastern University, St. Lauderdale, Fl
Table of Contents
Introduction to Geometrical Optics; Laws of Reflection and Refraction; Prisms; Curved Refracting Surfaces; Thin Lenses; Cylindrical and Spherocyclindrical Lenses; Thick Lenses and Multiple Lens Systems; Reflection at Plane and Curved Surfaces; Ray Tracing; Summary for Quick Reference
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ISBN: 9780750690522
Page Count: 224
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