The Collaborative Partnership Approach to Care - A Delicate Balance

The Collaborative Partnership Approach to Care - A Delicate Balance Revised ReprintEdition 1

Editors: By Laurie N. Gottlieb, RN, MSc(A), PhD, Nancy Feeley, RN, MSc(A), PhD and Cindy Dalton
ISBN: 9780779699827
Publication Date : Jul 12, 2006
Page Count: 200
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The notion of collaboration is a generic one that could be applied to nursing practice in any setting, with any type of patient. The nurse-person relationship is the core of nursing practice, however there are many different conceptions of that relationship. Many nursing models subscribe to a relationship that is collaborative in nature even though this might not be labeled as such, nor explicitly described. One of the few nursing models that has elaborated on this concept of collaboration is the McGill Model of Nursing.

This model of nursing has gained in popularity because its orientation fits very well with many of the current trends in health care. There has been a growing demand for further elaboration of the McGill Model concepts and how they play out in practice. The notion of collaboration was first described almost thirty years age and since then graduates, faculty and students have further developed these ideas in their practice and teaching. Many of these practice discoveries have yet to be published. The Collaborative Partnership Approach to Care: A Delicate Balance, 1e, brings together some of these discoveries by expert clinicians and teachers who use a collaborative approach to care.

Key Features

  • Uses a variety of formats to present ideas about collaboration.

  • Describes ideas about collaboration from the perspective of expert clinicians who have been using collaboration as their approach to nursing care.

  • Integrates quotes from interviews with expert clinicians to illustrate ideas about collaboration.

  • Uses examples from clinical practice to help the reader understand how these theoretical ideas are translated into practice.

  • Describes ideas used in teaching students about collaboration.

  • Raises questions that can guide further research in this area.

About the Editor
By Laurie N. Gottlieb, RN, MSc(A), PhD, Professor, School of Nursing, McGill University; Nancy Feeley, RN, MSc(A), PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, McGill University and senior researcher and Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital and Cindy Dalton, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Canada
Table of Contents

  1. Foundations of Collaborative Partnership

  2. The Essential Ingredients of a Collaborative Partnership

  3. The Spiraling Model of Collaborative Partnership

  4. Factors that Shape the Collaborative Partnership

  5. Nursing Strategies for a Collaborative Partnership

  6. Indicators of Collaborative Partnership

  7. Ask The Experts I: Questions About Collaboration With Different Groups, in Different Settings and Within Different Time Frames (H1)

  8. Ask The Experts II: Questions About Collaboration And The Nurse-Person Relationship