Suture and Surgical Hemostasis
Suture and Surgical Hemostasis,
Edition 1 A Pocket Guide
By Rebecca Pieknik, CST, MS

Publication Date: 15 Mar 2006

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Great for students and professionals, this portable reference offers a complete understanding of suture and hemostasis relating to surgical procedures. Its spiral binding and full-color photos and illustrations make it easy to find the appropriate suture materials and related information needed for any surgical procedure.

Key Features

  • Small, spiral-bound format offers easy access in any clinical setting.
  • Descriptions of suture knots and step-by-step images of different types of stitches provide excellent instruction and are great for review.
  • Over 200 full-color illustrations with brief descriptions help readers clearly identify suture materials appropriate for specific surgical procedures.
  • A discussion of hemostasis is provided to give readers a full understanding of wounds and wound healing and when and why certain types of suture material should be used.
  • Summary-at-a-glance charts and tables synthesize category descriptions and key information for quick reference.
  • Key terms, abbreviations, and definitions are provided as a quick-reference glossary.
About the author
By Rebecca Pieknik, CST, MS, Program Coordinator, Surgical Technology Program, Oakland Community College, Southfield, MI
Table of Contents
1. Wounds

2. Wound Healing

3. Principles of Suturing

4. Suture Material and Packaging

5. Accessory Suture Devices

6. Hemostasis

7. Surgical Staples
Book details
ISBN: 9781416022473
Page Count: 254
Illustrations: Approx. 250 illustrations (100 in full color)
Retail Price: £22.99
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