Marine Propellers and Propulsion,
Edition 4
By John Carlton

Publication Date: 05 Dec 2018

Marine Propellers and Propulsion, Fourth Edition, offers comprehensive, cutting edge coverage to equip marine engineers, naval architects or anyone involved in propulsion and hydrodynamics with essential job knowledge. Propulsion technology is a complex, multidisciplinary topic with design, construction, operational and research implications. Drawing on experience from a long and varied career in consulting, research, design and technical investigation, John Carlton examines hydrodynamic theory, materials and mechanical considerations, and design, operation and performance. Connecting essential theory to practical problems in design, analysis and operational efficiency, the book is an invaluable resource, packed with hard-won insights, detailed specifications and data.

Key Features

  • Features comprehensive coverage of marine propellers, fully updated and revised, with new chapters on propulsion in ice and high speed propellers
  • Includes enhanced content on full-scale trials, propeller materials, propeller blade vibration, operational problems and much more
  • Synthesizes otherwise disparate material on the theory and practice of propulsion technology from the past 40 years’ development, including the latest developments in improving efficiency
  • Written by a leading expert on propeller technology, essential for students, marine engineers and naval architects involved in propulsion and hydrodynamics
About the author
By John Carlton, Professor of Marine Engineering at City University, London and 109th President of the IMarEST
Book details
ISBN: 9780081003664
Page Count: 609
Retail Price : £138.00
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Practicing marine engineers and naval architects; Ship and offshore designers; Marine engineering and naval architecture students in propulsion & hydrodynamics courses; Academic/corporate libraries