Coulson and Richardson’s Chemical Engineering,
Edition 4 Volume 3B: Process Control
By Sohrab Rohani

Publication Date: 25 Aug 2017

Coulson and Richardson’s Chemical Engineering: Volume 3B: Process Control, Fourth Edition, covers reactor design, flow modeling, and gas-liquid and gas-solid reactions and reactors.

Key Features

  • Converted from textbooks into fully revised reference material
  • Content ranges from foundational through to technical
  • Added emerging applications, numerical methods and computational tools
About the author
By Sohrab Rohani, Past Chair, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department, University of Western Ontario
Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Process Dynamics and Control Systems
2. Nonlinear Dynamic Mathematical Modeling of Chemical/Biological/Green Processes
3. Laplace Transforms, Linear State Space Models and Transfer Functions
4. Empirical Models and Process Identification
5. Control System Instrumentation and Controllers
6. Closed-Loop Systems, Stability and Design of PID controllers
7. Feedforward Control and Enhanced Single-Loop Controllers
8. Frequency Response and Stability in the Frequency Domain
9. Design of Discrete Controllers in the z-domain
10. Stochastic Processes
11. Design of Deterministic Controllers in the State-Space
12. Nonlinear Geometric Control
13. Control and Optimization of Batch Processes
14. Model Predictive Controllers
15. Control of Distributed Parameter Systems

Book details
ISBN: 9780081010952
Page Count: 630
Retail Price : £99.95
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