Methods in Consumer Research, Volume 2,
Edition 1 Alternative Approaches and Special Applications
Edited by Gaston Ares and Paula Varela

Publication Date: 04 Jan 2018

Methods for Consumer Research, Volume Two: Alternative Approaches and Special Applications brings together world leading experts in global consumer research who provide a fully comprehensive state-of-the-art coverage of emerging methodologies and their innovative application. The book puts consumer research in-context with coverage of immersive techniques and virtual reality, while also looking at health-related Issues in consumer science, including sections on food intake and satiation. Other sections delve into physiological measurements within the context of consumer research and how to design studies for specific populations.

In conjunction with the first volume, which covers new approaches to classical methodology, this book is an invaluable reference for academics working in the fields of in-sensory and consumer science, psychology, marketing and nutrition. With examples of the methodology being applied throughout, it serves as a practical guide to research and development managers in both food and non-food companies.

Key Features

  • Presents comprehensive coverage of new and emerging techniques in consumer science
  • Provides examples of successful application of the methodologies presented throughout
  • Identifies how to design research for special populations, including children, the elderly and low-income consumers
  • Discusses sensitivity to cross-cultural populations and emerging markets
  • Includes research design for food, cosmetic and household products
  • Highlights both psychological and physiological consumer measurements
About the author
Edited by Gaston Ares, Sensometrics & Consumer Science, Facultad de Química, Universidad de la República, Uruguay and Paula Varela, Senior Research Scientist, Nofima, Norway
Table of Contents

Part I. Doing consumer research in-context
1. Influence of contextual variables on consumer choice
2. Evoked contexts
3. Immersive techniques and virtual reality
4. Evaluation of meals and food pairings
5. Situational factors

Part II. Health-related Issues
6. Food intake
7. Satiety and satiation
8. Wellbeing

Part III. Psychological and Physiological Measurements
9. Implicit associations
10. Face reader
11. Physiological measurements, EEG and fmRI
12. Eye-tracking

Part IV. Designing Studies for Specific Populations
13. Children
14. Elderly
15. Low-income population
16. Cross cultural studies
17. Emerging markets (China, Africa, Middle East)

Part V. Consumer Research with Non-food Products
18. Cosmetic products
19. Household products
20. Consumer driven product design

Book details
ISBN: 9780081017432
Page Count: 478
Retail Price : £180.00
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Academics in sensory and consumer science, psychology, marketing, nutrition, R&D managers in food and non-food companies, People working in marketing and consultancy companies