Introduction to Aircraft Structural Analysis,
Edition 3
By T.H.G. Megson

Publication Date: 14 Jun 2017

Introduction to Aircraft Structure Analysis, Third Edition covers the basics of structural analysis as applied to aircraft structures. Coverage of elasticity, energy methods and virtual work set the stage for discussions of airworthiness/airframe loads and stress analysis of aircraft components. Numerous worked examples, illustrations and sample problems show how to apply the concepts to realistic situations. As a self-contained guide, this value-priced book is an excellent resource for anyone learning the subject.

Key Features

  • Based on the author's best-selling text, Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students
  • Contains expanded coverage of composite materials and structures<
  • Includes new practical and design-based examples and problems throughout the text
  • Provides an online teaching and learning tool with downloadable MATLAB code, a solutions manual, and an image bank of figures from the book
About the author
By T.H.G. Megson, Professor Emeritus, Department of Civil Engineering, Leeds University, UK
Table of Contents

1. Basic elasticity
2. Two-dimensional problems in elasticity
3. Torsion of solid sections
4. Virtual work and energy methods
5. Energy methods
6. Matrix methods
7. Bending of thin plates
8. Columns
9. Thin plates
10. Materials
11. Structural components of aircraft
12. Airworthiness
13. Airframe loads
14. Fatigue
15. Bending of open and closed thin-walled beams
16. Shear of beams
17. Torsion of beams
18. Combined open and closed section beams
19. Structural idealization
20. Wing spars and box beams
21. Fuselages
22. Wings
23. Fuselage frames and wing ribs
24. Laminated composite structures

Book details
ISBN: 9780081020760
Page Count: 758
Retail Price : £65.00
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Undergraduate and postgraduate students of aerospace and aeronautical engineering. Also suitable for professional development and training courses