Introduction to Fluid Mechanics,
Edition 2
By Yasuki Nakayama

Publication Date: 04 Jan 2018

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Second Edition, uses clear images and animations of flow patterns to help readers grasp the fundamental rules of fluid behavior. Everyday examples are provided for practical context, before tackling the more involved mathematic techniques that form the basis for computational fluid mechanics.

This fully updated and expanded edition builds on the author’s flair for flow visualization with new content. With basic introductions to all essential fluids theory, and exercises to test your progress, this is the ideal introduction to fluids for anyone involved in mechanical, civil, chemical, or biomedical engineering.

Key Features

  • Provides illustrations and animations to demonstrate fluid behavior
  • Includes examples and exercises drawn from a range of engineering fields
  • Explains a range of computerized and traditional methods for flow visualization, and how to choose the correct one
  • Features a fully reworked section on computational fluid dynamics based on discretization methods
About the author
By Yasuki Nakayama, President of the Future Technology Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan
Table of Contents
1. History of Fluid Mechanics
2. Characteristics of a Fluid
3. Fluid Statics
4. Fundamentals of Flow
5. One-Dimensional Flow: Mechanism for Conservation of Flow Properties
6. Flow of Viscous Fluid
7. Flow in Pipes
8. Flow in an Open Water Channel
9. Drag and Lift
10. Dimensional Analysis and Law of Similarity
11. Measurement of Flow Velocity and Flow Rate
12. Flow of Ideal Fluid
13. Flow of a Compressible Fluid
14. Unsteady Flow
15. Computational Fluid Dynamics
16. Flow Visualization
Answers to problems
Lost of symbols
Colour plate
Book details
ISBN: 9780081024379
Page Count: 400
Retail Price : £94.95
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Prof/Ref for readers in academia or industry working with fluids for the first time, and more experienced engineers and researchers needing to communicate research in fluids visually. Relevant in disciplines including mechanical, energy, civil, chemical, biomedical, aerospace, and automotive engineering