State Estimation in Chemometrics,
Edition 2 The Kalman Filter and Beyond
By Pierre C. Thijssen and Sillas Hadjiloucas

Publication Date: 17 Aug 2020

This unique text blends together state estimation and chemometrics for the application of advanced data-processing techniques. State Estimation in Chemometrics, second edition describes the basic methods for chemical analysis—the multicomponent, calibration and titration systems—from a new perspective. It succinctly reviews the history of state estimation and chemometrics and provides examples of its many applications, including classical estimation, state estimation, nonlinear estimation, the multicomponent, calibration and titration systems and the Kalman filter. The concepts are introduced in a logical way and built up systematically to appeal to specialist post-graduates working in this area as well as professionals in other areas of chemistry and engineering. This new edition covers the latest research in chemometrics, appealing to readers in bio-engineering, food science, pharmacy, and the life sciences fostering cross-disciplinary research.


Key Features

  • Features a new chapter surveying the most up-to-date scientific literature on chemometrics, highlighting developments that have occurred since the first edition published
  • Includes a new chapter devoted to new applications for state estimation in chemometrics
  • Covers a new chapter entirely devoted to subspace identification methods
  • Provides several new real-life examples of methods such as multiple modeling, principal component analysis, iterative target transformation factor analysis, and the generalized standard addition method
About the author
By Pierre C. Thijssen, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Sillas Hadjiloucas, Department of Bio-Engineering, School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading, UK
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ISBN: 9780081026038
Page Count: 294
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Upper undergraduates and specialist post-graduates working in analytical chemistry and chemometrics, applied chemistry, chemical engineering, and process engineering; professionals in these and other areas of chemistry, biology, bio-engineering, food science, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and signal processing