Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques,
Edition 4
By Nathan J. Gordon and William L. Fleisher

Publication Date: 18 Jun 2019

Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques believably answers the question, How do you know when someone is lying? It also provides a guide for interviewing probable suspects and interrogating likely perpetrators on techniques and tradecraft.

This book covers topics about searching for truth and revealing lies. It presents forensic assessments based on psychophysiology, and assessments on the basis of non-verbal behavior. The book also covers interview and interrogation preparation, as well as question formulation. It discusses the Morgan Interview Theme Technique or MITT, and the Forensic Assessment Interview or FAINT. The book addresses techniques for interviewing children and the mentally challenged, and offers information about pre-employment interviews. It also explains how to understand aggressive behavior and how to deal with angry people. The 4th Edition adds several Chapters on how to ascertain maximum information from victims and witnesses. The book concludes by presenting future methods for searching for the truth.

Law enforcement and security professionals, as well as prosecutors, criminal defense lawyers, and civil litigators will find this book invaluable.

Key Features

  • The only book to address FAINT, Integrated Interrogation Technique, Forensic Statement Analysis and MITT in one source
  • Several Chapters on ascertaining information from witnesses and victims
  • Enables the interviewer to obtain a confession that can stand up in court
About the author
By Nathan J. Gordon, Director of The Academy for Scientific Investigative Training, Philadelphia, PA, USA and William L. Fleisher, Director of Keystone Intelligence Network, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, USA
Table of Contents

1. The Search for Truth
2. Truth and Lies
3. Psychophysiological Basis of the Forensic Assessment
4. Preparation for the Interview/Interrogation
5. Morgan Interview Theme Technique (MITT)
6. Forensic Statement Analysis
7. Question Formulation
8. Projective Analysis of Unwitting Verbal Cues
9. Nonverbal Behavioral Assessment
10. Traditional Scoring of the FAINT Interview
11. The Validation of the Forensic Assessment Interview (FAINT)
12. Interviewing Children and the Mentally Challenged
13. Report Writing
14. Torture and False Confession
15. Pre-employment Interviewing
16. Passenger Screening with Verbal and Nonverbal Cues
17. Legal Consideration
18. The Integrated Interrogation Technique
19. Statements, Recordings, and Videos
20. Understand Aggressive Behavior and Dealing with Angry People
21. The Instrumental Detection of Deception
22. The Search for Truth

A. Forensic Assessment Interview
B. Weighted FAINT Form
C. Pre-employment Booklet (Keystone Intelligence Network, Inc.)
D. Questionnaire

Book details
ISBN: 9780081026106
Page Count: 406
Retail Price : £95.95
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Polygraphists, Law Enforcement, Criminal Investigators, FBI, Military Police, Terrorism Investigators, and Security Professionals. Prosecutors, Criminal Defense Attorneys, Civil Litigators, Graduate Level Criminal Justice Students and Instructors, and Human Resource Professionals