Edition 3 Research, Development, and Practice
By Mark A. Runco

Publication Date: 10 Mar 2023

Creativity: Research, Development, and Practice, Third Edition, summarizes the research on the development, expression, and enhancement of creativity. It draws from the full range of disciplines studying creativity, including psychology, business, education, economics, philosophy, neuroscience, and more. This volume includes exploration of research on the nature/nurture debate, what influences creativity, how creativity is related to personality, how social context may affect creativity, mental health, and its relation to creativity, gender differences, and how creativity is related to and differs from, invention, innovation, imagination, and adaptability.

The third edition has been thoroughly updated, with a new chapter on psychometrics and substantial updates on the biology and neuroscience of creativity, politics, and creative cognition. It includes quotations, graphics, boxed controversial issues, and biographical examples from unambiguously creative individuals.

Key Features

  • Summarizes research from the full range of perspectives on creativity
  • Includes a new chapter on the psychometrics of creativity
  • Distinguishes controlled cognition from associative and intuitive cognition
  • Features substantial updates on the biology and neuroscience of creativity
  • Explores creativity research relating to media, business and leadership
  • Addresses the big issues, including cultural differences, traditional intelligence, computer and animal creativity, and more
About the author
By Mark A. Runco, Director of Creativity Research & Programming, Southern Oregon University, Ashland OR, USA
Table of Contents

1. Cognition and Creativity
2. Personality and Motivation
3. The Psychometrics of Creativity
4. Biological Perspectives on Creativity
5. Health and Clinical Perspectives
6. Social, Attributional, and Organizational Perspectives
7. Culture and Creativity
8. History and Historiometry
9. Creativity and Politics
10. Developmental Trends and Influences on Creativity
11. Educational Perspectives
12. Enhancement and the Fulfillment of Potential
13. Creativity and Philosophy
14. Conclusion: What Creativity is and What it is Not

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Page Count: 612
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