Statistical Mechanics,
Edition 4
By R.K. Pathria and Paul D. Beale

Publication Date: 11 Feb 2021
Statistical Mechanics, Fourth Edition, explores the physical properties of matter based on the dynamic behavior of its microscopic constituents. This valuable textbook introduces the reader to the historical context of the subject before delving deeper into chapters about thermodynamics, ensemble theory, simple gases theory, Ideal Bose and Fermi systems, statistical mechanics of interacting systems, phase transitions, and computer simulations. In the latest revision, the book's authors have updated the content throughout, including new coverage on biophysical applications, updated exercises, and computer simulations. This updated edition will be an indispensable to students and researchers of statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, and physics.

Key Features

  • Retains the valuable organization and trusted coverage of previous market-leading editions
  • Includes new coverage on biophysical applications and computer simulations
  • Offers Mathematica files for student use and a secure solutions manual for qualified instructors
  • Covers Bose-Einstein condensation in atomic gases, Thermodynamics of the early universe, Computer simulations: Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics, Correlation functions and scattering, Fluctuation-dissipation theorem and the dynamical structure factor, and much more
About the author
By R.K. Pathria, Theoretical Physicist, University of California, San Diego, USA and Paul D. Beale, Professor of Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
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ISBN: 9780081026922
Page Count: 768
Retail Price : £84.95

9780123865137; 9780128007341; 9780123918789; 9780122191411; 9780444871039

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