New Edition
Specification of Drug Substances and Products,
Edition 2 Development and Validation of Analytical Methods
Edited by Christopher M. Riley, PhD, Thomas W. Rosanske and George L. Reid

Publication Date: 24 Jul 2020

Specification of Drug Substances and Products: Development and Validation of Analytical Methods, Second Edition, presents a comprehensive and critical analysis of the requirements and approaches to setting specifications for new pharmaceutical products, with an emphasis on phase-appropriate development, validation of analytical methods, and their application in practice. This thoroughly revised second edition covers topics not covered or not substantially covered in the first edition, including method development and validation in the clinical phase, method transfer, process analytical technology, analytical life cycle management, special challenges with generic drugs, genotoxic impurities, topical products, nasal sprays and inhalation products, and biotechnology products.

The book's authors have been carefully selected as former members of the ICH Expert Working Groups charged with developing the ICH guidelines, and/or subject-matter experts in the industry, academia and in government laboratories.

Key Features

  • Presents a critical assessment of the application of ICH guidelines on method validation and specification setting
  • Written by subject-matter experts involved in the development and application of the guidelines
  • Provides a comprehensive treatment of the analytical methodologies used in the analysis, control and specification of new drug substances and products
  • Covers the latest statistical approaches (including analytical quality by design) in the development of specifications, method validation and shelf-life prediction
About the author
Edited by Christopher M. Riley, PhD, President of Riley and Rabel Consulting Services, Maryville,MO,USA.; Thomas W. Rosanske, Consultatnt, Lee's Summit, MO, USA and George L. Reid, Principal Consultant, Cardinal Health, Kansas City, MO, USA
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
C. Riley, T. Rosanske and G. Reid
2. General Principles and Regulatory Considerations: Specifications and Shelf Life Setting
C. Riley and H. Yang
3. General Principles and Regulatory Considerations: Method Development and Validation
T. Rosanske
4. Application of Quality by Design (QbD) to the Development and Validation of Analytical Methods
D. Lloyd, J. Bergum and Q. Wang
5. Analytical Methods in the Clinical Phase of Development
J. Orr and G. Reid
6. Method Transfer
G. Reid
7. Process Analytical Technology
I. Clegg

8. Description and Identification
E. Parente
9. Assay and Impurities: Specifications
E. Kikovska-Stojanovska, C. Riley, A. Clarke, and R. Phelps 
10. Assay and Impurities: Method Development and Life-Cycle Management
A. Clarke, C. Riley,and E. Kikovska-Stojanovska 
11. Assay and Impurities: Method Validation
C. Riley, A. Clarke, E. Kikovska-Stojanovska
12. Mutagenic Impurities
S. Baerschi and B. Olsen   
13. Residual Solvents
G. Reid
14. Inorganic Impurities (Elemental Impurities)
E. Parente

15. Solid State Characterization
P. Tishmack, P. Smith, and P. Chen
16. Chiral Methods
B. He and D. Lloyd 
17. Water Determination
D. Armstrong and M. Talebi

18. Drug Release: Oral Products
V. Gray and T. Rosanske 
19. Topical Products
K. Thakker and R. Klein
20. Extractables and Leachables
K. Moyer and J. Scull

21..Regulatory Requirements for Setting Drug Substance and Drug Product Specifications 
K. Amsberry and Y.H. Lai
22. Validation of Analytical Methods for Biotechnology Products
J. Dally and M, Monck

23. Pharmacopeial Methods and Test (Updated)
E. Sheinin

24. Biological Fluids
L. Yuan, L. Wang, L. Pan, Q. Ji

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ISBN: 9780081028247
Page Count: 694
Retail Price : £170.00

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Primary: Scientists, managers, educators and consultants involved in the development and regulation of pharmaceutical products, especially those concerned with the Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) aspects of drug development. This includes analytical chemists, preformulation scientists, formulation scientists, process chemists, process engineers, and pharmaceutical microbiologists, as well as those involved in regulatory affairs, quality control and quality assurance.Secondary: academic researchers involved in drug research and development, particularly those who collaborate with industry or serve as consultants; faculty and students pursuing post-graduate degrees in Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutics or Pharmaceutical Chemistry and certificates in Regulatory Affairs or Quality Assurance