ARM-based Microcontroller Projects Using mbed,
Edition 1
By Dogan Ibrahim

Publication Date: 13 Apr 2019

ARM-based Microcontroller Projects Using mbed gives readers a good understanding of the basic architecture and programming of ARM-based microcontrollers using ARM’s mbed software. The book presents the technology through a project-based approach with clearly structured sections that enable readers to use or modify them for their application. Sections include: Project title, Description of the project, Aim of the project, Block diagram of the project, Circuit diagram of the project, Construction of the project, Program listing, and a Suggestions for expansion. This book will be a valuable resource for professional engineers, students and researchers in computer engineering, computer science, automatic control engineering and mechatronics.

Key Features

  • Includes a wide variety of projects, such as digital/analog inputs and outputs (GPIO, ADC, DAC), serial communications (UART, 12C, SPI), WIFI, Bluetooth, DC and servo motors
  • Based on the popular Nucleo-L476RG development board, but can be easily modified to any ARM compatible processor
  • Shows how to develop robotic applications for a mobile robot
  • Contains complete mbed program listings for all the projects in the book
About the author
By Dogan Ibrahim, Department of Computer Information Systems, Near East University
Book details
ISBN: 9780081029695
Page Count: 904
Retail Price : £53.95
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Undergraduate and postgraduate students studying electrical/electronic engineering, computer information systems, computer science, automatic control engineering, or mechatronics; professional engineers