Climate Change Biology,
Edition 3
By Lee Hannah

Publication Date: 25 Jun 2021

Climate Change Biology, Third Edition, addresses how climate change may affect life on the planet, particularly its impact on biology. Presented in three parts, it deals extensively with the physical evidence of climate change and modeling efforts to predict its future. Biological responses are then addressed, from individual physiology, to populations and ecosystems, adaptation and evolution. The final section examines the specific impact climate change may have on natural resources, particularly relating to human livelihood. This book will be a useful asset to the growing number of both undergraduate and graduate courses on climate change.

All sections are updated using the more than 5,000 research papers that have appeared on the topic since the publication of the second edition. Sections on the combined effects of ocean acidification and climate change are especially strengthened, with over six new case studies and end of chapter questions in each chapter.

Key Features

  • Covers the evolving discipline of human-induced climate change and the resulting shifts in the distributions of species and timing of biological events
  • Offers positive solutions and policy relevant insights on how extinctions can be avoided
  • Includes stunning full-color illustrations from original research
About the author
By Lee Hannah, Senior Researche, Climate Change Biology, Betty and Gordon Moore Center for Science and Oceans, Conservation International (CI)
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ISBN: 9780081029756
Page Count: 528
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Instructor Resources

Undergraduate climate change biology courses, undergraduate ecology courses as a supplemental text, graduate climate change biology courses, AP or upper level high school environmental science courses. Professionals who need to understand and manage the effects of climate change on nature and natural resources including parks managers, forest managers, water resources managers, private land managers