Navigating the Materials World,
Edition 1 A Guide to Understanding Materials Behavior
Edited by Caroline Baillie and Linda Vanasupa

Publication Date: 25 Jun 2003
This book will enable students to navigate through materials science and engineering courses with increased motivation, reflection and depth.
It contains a series of guides that will help students learn about materials while enhancing their thinking and learning skills.

The first chapter serves as an introduction to the general concepts and terminology of materials science. The remaining chapters focus on specific materials—polymers, metals, ceramics, biomaterials, composites, natural materials, and electronic and magnetic materials. Throughout the text, expert contributors highlight key concepts and ideas and how they relate to other areas of science.

Navigating the Material is based on current educational theory in higher education, which puts the student at the center of learning and encourages learning with understanding.

Key Features

· Introduces general concepts and provides a thorough review of specific types of materials
· Based on current educational theory that helps students not only learn important facts, but also helps them understand core concepts and improve their thinking and learning skills
· Adopts a style that is appealing to faculty and students and is enhanced with a large number of illustrations
About the author
Edited by Caroline Baillie, UK Center for Materials Education, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom; and Linda Vanasupa, Materials Engineering Department, California Polytechnic State University , San Luis Obispo, Calfornia.
Table of Contents
Introduction(Welcome to the Materials World) - Caroline Baillie, Linda Vanasupa, and John Bowden

Selecting your Material & Life Cycle (Visiting the Travel Agency) - Caroline Baillie and Chris Rose

Characterization of Materials (The Tool Shop) - Peter Goodhew and Adam Mannis

Metals (Entering the Metal Zone) - Katherine Chen and Susan Ambrose

Ceramics (A Tour of Ceramic Land) - Linda Vanasupa and Susan Ambrose

Composites (Interfacing with Composites) - Caroline Baillie and Ton Peijs

Polymers (The Land of Polymers) - Caroline Baillie and Ton Peijs

Natural Materials (Back to Nature) - Adrian Lowe

Semiconductors (An Electronic Trip Through Semiconductors) - Emily Allen and Susan Ambrose

Failure of Materials (Accident and Emergency) - Andy Bushby
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ISBN: 9780120735518
Page Count: 242
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Materials Engineers held about 33,000 jobs last year. Because materials are building blocks for other goods, materials engineers are widely distributed among manufacturing industries.